Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Taaanzgifing, what are you thankful for?

My wonderful awesome beautiful people,

Sorry for the break in transmission, been mad busy with school and exams are coming up in about two weeks, so i dnt think I would have time to put up Risikat part 2 till exams are over but definately after exams!

OOOOOOOH and if u havent heard about the new blogshow For the Love of Ray Ray head over to Fabulola's blog to get the juicy jist

And also in the spirit of thanksgiving * and also lack of nothing to blog about*I definately have a lot to be thankful for

1. For life, im very very guilty of taking it for granted, waking up, going to school and coming back everyday nobody jam my leg, notin fall on my head i dey kampe, 1o fingers 10 toes 2 hands 2 legs 1 head,2 eyes 1 mouth 1 nose 2 ears,everything is in tact Im thankful, nko nko o se mi(nothing do me) im soooo mush grateful, waking up every morning is not our right its a blessing!

2 For my family my parents my mother who is heaven sent dnt know what I would ever do without her, my brother who is such a man now driving and things I remember when we used to fight about who got the clean money and dirty money, and who had to sit in the front seat, looool my extended family dem dey too kampe infact all of dem full ground, even though they drive me nuts sometimes I'm soo grateful I have them

3. Im grateful for the fact that I have God (this should have been first o) that loves me and surprises me when I least expect I'm very very thankful, that he forgives me despite my MANY SHORTCOMINGS!

4 My blogville and tweetvilee family, I really dont know what I would do without you, I'm happy i eegal aka Alabama, Lolia, Bob Ij,Fabulola, Temite ,Bumight, Fumsdrebirth, Kemberly(finally found out who I was loooool),Mz Eny aka sharawama lomo, Real Niajbloke ,Nice Anon ,Original Mgbeke, Ms O,Solomonsydelle,,Chari, Bubbles ,Scribbles,Iphyigbogirl , my darling Chayoma,Taymee,Mis LNQ, Luchi, Taymee , Ray and his raysins too and Naijabloka ok this is starting to sound like that maltina even they used to do during christmas and children would come and say I want to wish my mommie my daddie my sistas and brodas of number 51 Abulegba a merry chrizmas and a happy new year, loooool but seriously I'm thankful that I know you all(if I ddint menshun your name no vex)

5. Im grateful for my friends, 9years been through soo much love you all

6.I dunno if i should be grateful to be in school, cos right now its killing me ok im thankful for school because all this work im doing I hard better be making mad ego later in life, I pray the same for you all

7. My darling niece Aaliyah she's sooooo gorgeous, cant wait to have my triplets yes it shall be okay if you all start praying for me ehn!taaaanz sooo much

These are just a handful of my blessings o, beacsue if i should hasuallay start to count my blessings it would be an epistle,

what are you thankful for?

Happy thanksgiving people,all the best in your exams if you have any God bless

A very grateful Tinu

P.s Risikat would be back soooonest!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

RisikaT Tours and Travels Nigeria Limited PLC

Eyin Peeopu mi
You know I told u a while back that Mama Tinu came and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves desite all the fights
So went on a tour to Niagra Falls awesommme in my mother's words she went to go and see the one of the wonders of the world, and then we went wine tassting loveeeelly
any wine drinkers here in blogsvilee should try Ice wine from Niagra they have this peachy and grape scents!beauuuutiful

As I mentioned above we went on a tour and the tour guide was sha telling us the history about the places we passed and all, and how they were formed and where we could get things
Can you imagine if they gave a tour in Lagos?????
truzz ur geh im def going to give you a sample!!!

Ladie and Gentumen wehcome to Risikat Tours and Travels Nigeria Limited PLC

we specialize in tours and trips arond Laogzz,USA and united kingdom, tickets,drivers lisense international drivers licence,also US and UK visa,yaaaport pickup and drop off,wedding planning and catering savices,we are also tinking about esspanding owa savices to designing and event planning!!

But dizzz not why you hare ere right now we are going to start owa tour we are juzz waiting for owa driver he went to go and pizzz

I foget to hintroduze mysef my name is Risikat hi ham the daughter of de howna hof this bizness!!

Owa drifa has now come hees name is Musibawu hees my broda

So now owa tour is going to start

we are gonaa kick off owa tour from VINGINC!yes dizz hestate is for some of awon gbo gbo bigz boy and bigz geh of Lagos state of Noigera, yez in diz hestate we haf ouses that look like basilicas some haf remote control for deir gate,dizzz a very respetable area to live hin, the road hin diz hestate is relay big like the road in london, hit also has a club house like Ikoyi is club where alorof people do aloroof eskesize!!

Nest up we have Eleganza plaza dizzz own by Shief Razak Okoya maker of eleganza biro,cooler,plastic,!

coming hup we have shefron owsing hestate dizz where hall the people that are manufaturing peshroleum are living ear, just to be it convienience for them to go to work so that the workers will not be complain to their oga da there is travvic or suntin like that daz why the plaze of work iz close to their owse

we are now fast approashing Jakande ear iss like the buzzzing harea in the lekki side, like ear is de plaze that a loorrf market hare, women selling fish and all sort of food sturvs

as you can see ladies and getumen there are alorrof petrol station in dizzz lekki harea, sush as oando, tezzaco and oder ones too .we also just passed Chisco,Ifesinachi and Jide Offor motor park from ear you can get on a bus that will take you to anywhere in noigeria yezz instead of somebody to henter hearoplane, you know hearoplane is a dangerous transportaion devize

we hare fast happroashing lekki phase one bet on the right ladies and gentumen is the Dizzday event centre I know some of you are wondering if this where they produzee the newspaper hassuali no, dizz the plaze where thisday company hold their hevent like for intazee izz thisday dat bring Beyonze Jay zz snoop doggy dog henvogue brick and lace and soo many other oyinbo singers to come and parform for owa noigeria pepu it was a relay naizee concaart

Also behind the hevent centre we have another owsing hestate

I'm sure you pepu notice that there alorrof of owsing hestate in Lekki, yezz dizz the newest place to move to in Lagos

We are now by Lekki phase 1 owsing hestate dizz one of the major owsing hestate int he lekki harea!
on the left we have the paaams shopping centre, dis like a mall that we see in the mofies, soo many shops inside tivveny hmaber, sleek make hup, shoprite where you can get alorrof of niaze stuf for sheap, alooroof stores here like when you heven henter the plaize is like your abroad you know
also on the right we have tarzan boat club,
upcoming we have the mobil ile epo bilding this where all the work for mobil is done you know

stay tuned for part 2!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Major Dilemma!

My people I havent forgoten I have a blog o!!

No way!!

Infact this weekend I promise another post just keep coming ehn!!

Got this from a friend and I thought I should share, yes I know lately I've been doing a lot of sharing why because God loves a cheerful giver ;o) and I have run out of things to write but not to worry imma put on my blogging cap this weekend and blog away!I hope!

September 1, 2008

The Area Manager

Dear Sir,


I am writing to you with a deep sense of humility and gentleness. I consider this a great opportunity to communicate with an entity as awe-inspiring as yourself. Firstly, I bring greetings to you from residents of my area in Lagos .As a dutiful citizen, I consider this letter as part of my civic responsibilities. Great countries comprise of citizens who are alive totheir responsibilities. As a famous musician once said, "Ask not whatyour country can eat from you but what you can eat from your country."I have benefited immensely from this country; therefore I have decidedto give back.I want to bring to your notice some strange occurrences which have been happening in my area. I want to sadly inform you that in the last 2weeks, electricity has been stable. In other words, we sleep and wake upwith electricity, we go to work and come back and electricity is still running. This is terribly new and I must add DANGEROUS development in the lives of residents of my area. This is something we are not used to.This is too much electricity for us to handle. In the first week ofc onstant electricity, I started acting strangely. I ironed all myclothes because I didn't know when 'light' will be impounded on your orders.

After 2 days, the 'light' was still there. Therefore, I proceeded to re-iron the ironed clothes. My fridge which had not seen '4hours' of constant light for months suddenly started freezing. In order to enjoy the maximum effects of refrigeration, I have decided to be drinking 20 cups of cold water before I go to sleep. Once I finish a cup, I put the bottle back into the fridge. After 10 minutes, the watercools and I drink. I just don't know what to do.

All the Ceiling fans in my house have been switched on alongside my AC.

My deck is playing at a high level. My life is now in state of chaos because of constant'light'.

My TV and VCD player are complaining of high blood pressure, as they have been terribly overworked in the last few weeks.

Half of mylight bulbs have gone on strike to protest their resurrection from blissful death.

All the customers in the beer parlour beside my house are complainingthat the beer is too cold and wants to destroy their teeth.

Even the rats and cockroaches are complaining that human assailants find iteasier to track and exterminate them under electric light than under candlelight

.All the witches and wizards that regularly visited me in my sleep havesuddenly taken flight in the presence of "light". Now I have to review my membership of MFM ( Mountain of Fire and Miracles) since their workhas been done.

Can you imagine what will happen to the membership ofchurches if constant 'light' persists? No more demons meaning No more offerings.

With the above situation not abating, I decided to seek the reason behind this strange situation. This task was made easy for me when Irealized that it was the work of saboteurs. Sabotage is the main reason for anything going wrong / right in our country. Our elections were sabotaged, our president's health is being sabotaged.

Therefore this constant 'light' is the handiwork of saboteurs within your work system. These disgruntled individuals are enemies of progresswho want you to miss your set targets. These enemies want you to score very low on your KPI assessment. I realized this fact when I stumbled on a document showing your Key Performance Indicators for every month.

These are:

1. Explosive growth in the amount of Candle-lit dinners and balcony-bedrooms

2. Massive boom in the sales of Candles, torchlight?s, generators,inverters and lanterns

3. Increased work place productivity due to Employees spending at least16 hours at work because there is no light at home

4. Massive growth of Rock music fan clubs being aided by the endlesssound of generators that are switched on overnight.

5. Volume of human blood being sucked by mosquitoes unchallenged byceiling/standing fans

6. Incidence of heat rashes

7. Large Increase in naming ceremonies: When people have no light athome, what else do they do with their time other than "making babies"

Sir, I strongly feel that the above achievements will not be possible if we keep on having 'light'. The saboteurs in your workplace will make you look stupid and incapable in front of your bosses. The repercussions of this charade would be unbearable. This is why I am writing to you now.As a responsible citizen, if I do not volunteer this information, I know that I will be the one to suffer. The day you realize that I have been enjoying endless light for 2 weeks, you will pay me back with 2 blackmonths. The end will be worse than the beginning, thereof. I am at a crossroad. This is a major dilemma. Should I keep quiet? No I won't.This is because Evil triumphs when Good Men keep silent. Your incompetent staffs have left the light switch on and gone to sleep. I know you will take back all that we have stolen from you but Please remember my house in the day of recompense.Your humble servant


see why we have to and should Light up Nigeria

have a fantastic weekend people!



Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Special Centre Experience

Hi People
So these past few days I've been having a lot of midterms and all, and errrr because I'm always on twitter I hardly find the time to finish studying and when I get to class I dnt know what happens but I become an air-head!as in there's nada in my head!
I've done soo many external exams JAMB and co and passed soo many notes in class that I should have at least the faintest idea of dubbing!
but lai lai I'm too much of a chicken to even look at another person's work talkless of bringing a piece of paper to class and besides that the fear of being kicked out!and then their is the fear of Mama Tinu being the beginning of wisdom in books!

I remember taking G.C.E exams one time in SS2!
I went to one ajebutter all girls school where they had drilled the consequences of cheating into our heads
So going to write G.C.E in another school, I already had this mindset that everybody's nose was going to be in exam papers boy was I in for the shock of my life!
Got there early and of course the exam papers and the invigilator were no where to be found, apparently he was on Okada to the examination hall
Remember them carrying the green bag that had to be locked with one heavy padlock!
He got there and we all started and after 5mins he said he was going out to eat!
So another person came in and I thought it was like the replacement invigilator was I wrong!!!
The guy just started "Henglish heggzzzamm foorst Number 1 Ha, Number 2 c Number 3 heee number 4 b" yes people he was calling out the answers I didnt even know if I should shade the answers or just continue my own work as a good girl!
I sha continued my work, the lady beside me looked like a mother, was like "Ahn ahn you dnt want the ansaaahs?oya look at my paper and copy the ansaaahs"
JIIIIISSSSSOOOOSSS!!I swear I thought I was hearing double, in school I dare not look into another person's answer sheet and here she was offering me her paper!
I took it o, yes people all my goodygoody left me!at the back of my mind I was like WWJD?(What would Jesus Do?after all my mother was a sunday school teacher)i shaded like it was going out of fashion !kai!
the "invigilator" guy was still calling the answers!,he jumped from 26-35 everybody was like ahn ahn where are the answers from 26-35, he said :that is the impediment" meaning that those are the ones we have to get wrong , cos we couldnt get evrything right
everybody"ok ok sah continue "
number taaarty sissss hee, number 37 haaaaayyy.
until he finished.
then moved to math and did the same!

Time to collect the papers, and they were supposed to be collected according to your number but mine wasn't on the list, I was in the wrong class!!!the class filled with mothers and fathers and people who needed to have it on their resume that they had at least completed O levels, they had all paid to get the answers given to them! also known as Special Centres
I was sha told by the invigilator to "urry hup and go to the right class and submit the paper"!and I did!
After the exams being my mother's first child she was there to pick me up she asked me how the exams were, I didnt know if to tell her the truth or to say they exams were GREAT!
I told her the truth!I told her everything she laughed soo hard,till she was crying,and told me that at least I have seen life outside my school and to see that not everything is going to rosy!!!

Then there was my ultimate experience with JAMB!
I had been given soo many past questions papers by my lesson teacher and those JAMB math were tough!I sha had to do it cos my parents hadn't spoken to me of going anywhere my choices were Unilag,University of Ife and UNIPORT!!or Ahmadu Bello University I cant remember!
off to the exam hall I went, pencils sharpened, math set in tact and all the necessary things
this time I was in the right class no special centre rubbish!
Exams started, this was the period where every Tom, Dick and Harry in Lagos had a fone a Nokia 3310 to be exact!
To many characters in my class
This babe beside me she just kept on getting text after text after text and it was that annonying nokia ringtone sound for texts!
there was another girl that wasnt writing anything, we had english first, she was asked why she wasnt writing she was like ahn that she waiting to chemistry and physics!!
then there was another guy and our invigilator caught him cheating
Invigilator:where is the paper?
Boy:which paper ma?
Slaps the boy
INV;where is the paper?
boy:i dnt have any paper
inv:heeeenns hup lemme saarch u,
she called for a male invigilator
boy puts his hands up
checked his pockets everything
the still didnt find the paper, you won't believe where the paper was, it was in btwn his fingers!!
I havent held laughter like that before,

Tell me about your own cheating or cooperation experiences, did you sneak in Exam Focus, did you write on your thighs, did you chew the paper when you almost got caught!!
Tell me!!!
Have a fab rest of the week
God bless

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My mommie the character!

You see I have a fery fery good reason for being away from blogsville(like any one is here these days)I forgot my password that it why i couldnt log in to blog and oh everybody's excuse TWIRRRRA!!!!and this thing people call SCHOOL!!!!
yes people that is the best thing since agege bread!!!I kid you not!!ask Sir Scribbles,MzEny,Juiceegal,Vera,Bumtight,Fumsdrebirth,Chari!!!!infact if ur looking for bloggers go there and you'll find all of them!!
I tell you I'm so addicted to twitter its terrible I can even get off my bed without tweeting!
ok enough of my twexperince on twitter!hehehe
So as you all momsie was here for a while -3weeks and of course it was soo much fun, we fought made up fought the usual mother daughter squabbles!
So on this particular day momsie decided to go shopping by herself without me cos I was sleeping,she was going to take the bus!
she waited at the bus stop and the bus left her, cos she didnt get in on time
she was soo angry, she now called me to vent!
she now said
mOMMIE:Tinu the bus just left me here o!and I have been under the bus shelter for 30mins
tINU:did u go near the bus?
mommie:tschewww so you have to go near the bus??iru ilu wo le leyi ?(what type of country is this)In my country conductors would physically beg you to enter their bus , and people would even curse the driver to move the bus!!and awon oshi fi mi le si bi(these foolish people left me)
tschewww Wo when I come next summer we are renting a car o!!I have a car and a driver waiting for me in my house in Lagos, gbo gbo pala pala yi to sun mi!
Just make tea for me before I get home Otutu mu!(cold is catching me)
I laughed soo hard that day!!!
When she was leaving I cried my eyes out!she was now like that ahn ahn Tinu stop crying before they think we are lesbians!!
I wuv my mommie!!!
Have a great week people!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I shall be back!

the only cubes of sugar in my tea

the only splashes or spreads of correct blue band butter on my agegebread

the only cockroaches in my cupboard

the only teeth left in my mouth

the only pieces of meat in my Iya Bose stew that I miss soo much

I shall be back and I promise that I shall take my blogging steroids!

So I shall just be hupdating and hupdating ni kaaan ni!!!!

So please Cool down for Jesus I shall be back soon ish!!

Mommie is around, been shopping with her if u see my muscles ehn from carrying bags and my calf muscles look like yams from walking kai!!!!

I need Alabokun for this pain!!

Lemme leave you with something, was sent to me by a friend!

In line with the Federal Government's renewed drive to encourage exports, a group of experts have come up with suggestions on how to improve the image of our local products by making their names attractive and in line with International Standards on exports!!!

Kuli kuli - Peanut bars

Donkuwa/ Robo Alata - Hot Charcolit nuts

Kilishi - Beef Crackers

Dundun - Yamarita

Fried Potato - Potarita (lolll right)

Pako/Atu (Chewing stick) - Dental Stickos

Boli - Barbecue Plantain

Roasted corn - Corn Aflame

Eko - Corn Jellos

Moin moin - Bean pie

Isi ewu - Goat-hed o lickins' (remember ur fingers)

Garri - Grain o' fibres

Bokoto/ Nkwobi - Hoof salad

Ogi/Akamu - Corn Caramel

Puff Puff - Energy Buns

Chin Chin - Dough Rocks

Zobo - Juice Rosa Afrik

Kunnu - Grain Alive

Burundi - Coconut Jaw-Breakers

Bread and Akara - Bean cake Burger

Ofada rice - Unpolished Rice for Vegetarians

Adalu - Lentils & Grain Salad



Have a fabulous week ahead!!!

ps the comment problem has been fixed!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009



I am very very sorry that i havn't updated,nothing to write, rather too much to write and I dnt kknow which one to post !!!I know it dosent seem like I havent updated cos Ive been going around blogsville!

howve u all been???(nobody ever answers my questions)

Everytime I get on the bus I get something to write about

So today on my way home I had to press the button to alert the driver to stop at my bus stop but instead I just had the urge to shout OWA OWA!!!(what you shout when you want the bus driver to stop in Lagos)I didnt!!!ahn ahn!!!a whole swaggaliscious somebody like myself!Tofiakwa!!

In Obalende
*remember all those women that did hair under the bridge and they would drag you to come and do your hair and then you would see all of them fighting abt customer!"na me call am forrrst""aabi aunty no be me call u,na me dey shout fine geh fine geh"
the might want to start million braids on your head at 4 o'clock in the afternoon!!
serious customer service right there!
the things you saw
*the women selling meat and fish and all the flies swarming!!
*the hausa men carrying sugar cane!!!
*people hawking agbalumo
*buses fighting to be on the faster lane
*conductors fighting about change with customers
*wreckless drivers that learnt how to drive a car under 2hrs
*those men that carried meat in their hands in cartons
*people that sold rat poison with dead dried rat and then they would put it in your car and the ones that sold crabs
*women selling agbdo(corn) and pear the purple one, roasted plantain and yam,

and in CMEEEEEZZZZ all the second books and clothes that were sold

and in MAAAIII TWEEEF the baskets of tomatoes and all the things needed for parties

You know there are only something you hear in Nigeria

*Pls wazz your time?

*Do you know who I yam?

*I want to drink Aiiiizzzeeee warra

*your head no correct?

*she took in meaning that shes pregnant

*she put to bed meaning that she had a baby


*Inner Light


*why are you frnaking your face?

*can you borrow me your stood I need to sit

*I never beleful

*Hely momo (early morning)

*Aunty e revise back seyin

*dressssI wan pass

*Oga how weekend?wetin you chop remain??

*Happy sunday

*Hi halways henjoy moosik


*today na today
*who born you
*you dont have respect
*you can't greet
*It snot your fault
*50 naira rice 20 naira beans, 2 pomo one pepsi orobo
*heeeens up
*offf your pant
*she's wearing troziz
*I would show you pepper
*where are your particuars
*abeg shif smll may i siddon
*park here park here nigerian police
*ori e fokasibe
*dem swearofr you
*let me call you back beforelasma catch me
*is it your consign
*no make me como my shirt ooo!!
*nosense and ingrident!!!

*can i see ur tint permit and faya extinguisher

Have a fab rest of the week!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Reminiscing Part 2

My people

It sooo hard remebering those insults as I was one of those people who used to repeat the same insult!!!

You mess you mess 5 akara form voltron !!!

You mess you mess Babangida repeat Js2!!!!hehehe

See you ton ton belle like 7 o'clock news

see in ur village they us fork and knife to eat okin

You mess Micheal Jackson shout "Calabar Idi ya kpong".

You shit here, you shit here, You shit here, you come ask "mama mama which one resemble me

U mess akara tie ichafu

U mess all the fish in the ocean say are we safe!

U mess abacha wear shoe before socks!

The tallest man in your village use to use ladder to climb counter!

All of u in ur village are so rich, u share one pant.

U mess abacha come back from grave

and somebody would be feeling like a bad ass after saying all this rubbish o!!!

Hairstyles we did

the famous all back

Two shuku

shuku and base


patewo and base

police cap

and remember doing thread!!!!I loved lossening it cos the "breeze" that came with the loosening of the hair

and for the boys

the cut their hair with a pattern on the side feeling like baddos

and some left the top really high and cut the back short!

The lies some people told

Some said they were going to london for the weekend
some said their father uncles were the president of America and London

some said they had been to buckingham palace and the queen was their mommies,aunty's daughters cousin's sister!

some said that micheal jackson was their cousin, then when you asked if you could come and see him, he had travelled

then there were daddy's cars with eleven doors one for you and each of you sisters one for you brother two for you parents,another one for your grandma and another for your grandpa ,the dog had one the cat had one the maiguard hd one Blessing the househelp has one and sooo on!

and there was a story of how one girl was on her way to london with her whole family then she told her daddie that she had forgotten her teddy bear,he daddie not told the pilot to turn round so that they can go and pick up the teddy bear!!!

the clothes we wore

CLOGS - every girl had to have these shoes it was a must!!My cousins always wore the same color of clogs whenever they went out!!

leggings went with your tshirts and sometimes the had to match you clogs

jelly sandals(do y'all remeber?)

our nice dresses with puffy sleeves then you wore lacy sock and patent leather black shoes

Lumberjack shirts with red greena and dark blue

hipsters and bell buttoms another must have!!

Half tops!! there was this time that alot of girls used to tie our shirts so that you could show your tommies?? and then you wore them with dungarees

Spagetti straps!!I gt one for my 8th birthday and I posed with it ehn, I wore it till momsie threw them away

Hot pants!!hmmmmmmn yes o!!

bandanas and huge hooped earrings!!(secondary school days)

Ok who remebers trying to "fix" your nails and using celotape????or whenever I went to the salon I used to steal the nails and then come hope and use celotape to tie them to my nails!!!when I was young and sooo foolish!

The days of camoflague!,green black and white,red,all sorts!!!

Ok Ive tried!!

Next post is going to be an e-party!!!parties that we had in those days! alll the music would be right here!

Have a great week people



Much love to my darling Thelma for helping me come up with all the insults!

Friday, July 31, 2009

The games we played!!!

Hey People
I'm soo sorry i havent updated in such a while
my summer has been going soo well!!!Im having a blast volunteering partying, enjoying the weather, so Im just enjoying myself before I go back,kai Im dreading going back to school everytime I'm on that plane back I cry from when we take off to when we land!I kid you not!!!and I know I;m going to cry on my way back in september :(

Ok enough of my crying stories!!

So today I was on the bus, and I noticed this little girl and her mom playing a game it was soooo cute
They were both singing "A sailor went to see see see to see what he coulde see see see and all that he could see see see was the bottom of the rainbow see see see
And it just reminded me of all those gameS I used to play in my Corona uniform during break time under the hot sun!

yes I shall take you all down memory lane on that games we all played when we were much younger

If you were born in January stand up stand up,Ari ya riya roses God bless you!

My mother told me that she would buy me another dolli if I was good good good( i dnt know the rest!)

New money E don come I by garri ten kobo I give mary to cook am mary cook am e no sweet

I beat mary she no cry I kill mary she no die

which kin mary be dis one
amina amina toro a lazy girl
eno emmanuel

yaga rogo yaga rogo sumpepe

ogere sam sam sam sam sam

change ur style , snother one , be like that ble like that!!

My name ,my name my name pangolokoshi
my name is Tinu pankolokoshi

I come from Rivers


I want to choose a friend

pankolokoshiher name is NiceAnon

pankolokoshishe comes from Emelika


Ten ten

Twenty twenty twenty tweeeeh twegeh

thirty thirty theeeh ntegeh

forty forty forrrrr mmmfogo

fifty fifty fift fiiiiifiih

sixty sixty seeeeseeegi

seventy seventy seeeeeventy

Eighty eiighty eeeeeeeghhhty

ninety ninety naaaayentey

honda, temi, tiwo,soko,waya,erepalowa erapalowa!

Oh and do u guys remeber playing police and thief!!!!hahahah

and stuck in the mud

and catcher and then to determine who was going to be the catcher

ini mi myni mo

father had a donkey,donkey died father cried

that means u are out of the game!

and the almighty Tinko, I can go to twenty with this one!!!too madd!!!


My upcoming posts would be on the things we said and did!

One of the famous lies somebody said!!

"MY father just finished his new house, it is the biggest duplex in port-harcourt and it has remote control""It has WHAT!?!""Remote control. When you press it, the downstairs would go upstairs and the upstairs would come downstairs"

the most famous insult

U mess u mess all the fish in the sea say Are we SAAAAAAAAAAAAAFE???

Have a fab week people!!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Sweet Stew and other stories!

Hey People
Im soo angry at myself
So i decided to be a good samaritan and cook stew for my friend
blended the tomato and tatashe and all the other ish
boiled chicken and meat
it ws looking good if I do say so myself
then time to put the spices!
KNORR went in,pepper went in,curry and thyme flew in as well
so waiting for it to boil
and oh "salt" went in as well
ahn ahn something is missing in this stew poured more "salt" in
my friend to went to taste and she said something was missing so more "salt"
the stew was tasting sweet!!!!!
so i decided to taste the "salt" I was putting in and found out it was sugar!
wait o
the sugar was beside pepper now and all the other condiments that flew in!!!
Imagine if my mother was here!
First she would slap the taste out of my mouth and then slap the black out of me
and then make sure I finish the stew I made!it would be my food for the week!
eat it with rice, with anthing she can think of cos If i ever throw her food away!
hmmmmn I dnt know who would beg for me o!
Have I told you about the time I threw her food away?
So I hated eba when I was younger, and that day I told Aunty Imabong that I wasn't going to eat!
so momsie came back and Aunty Imabong told her that I didnt eat my eba!
trust her she told Imabong to bring out the eba, which by now was as hard as a rock!with cold okro!!!!!
oh well back to the story
so she went into her room and then I threw it in the bin, OMG!
Slaps,came from the left and right,then she spoke in yoruba how some children dont have food, and then she proceeded to tell me that I should eat the food from the bin!yes o and she meant it!!!and there was other ish inside!
sha sha the plumber begged for me and I didnt eat it! then I went to bed without food!
yes o my mother was gangsta!
Sha sha my friend saved her stew she put ugu leaves and crayfish!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A birthday,an Anniversary and lotta stories in between!

Hey People,

So today is my bestest friends birthday she's 20!!

Ive known her for 9yrs and the way we met was really funny

First week of school when we were all still getting to know each other I dnt know the spirit that entered me but I went to report her to a teacher that she wasn't talking to me and that she was snobbing me and the teacher made her apologize and told her to be my friend and we've been the closest friends ever since. Looking at our pictures from way back she has definately grown into a beautiful young woman! In Js1 she wore glasses that had this blue tint,hehe she had pimples,and wore braces thinking back I dunno why I wanted somebody who looked like this to be my friend but God works in mysterious ways but now she's a little teeny weeny bit finer that me ok let me be fair she's alot finer than me! We've spent children's day in Ikoyi Club, Ive fapped her stuff which constitutes a small fraction of my wadrobe, I walk into her house likes its my own house,I can talk to her about anything and evrything!she's actually the sister that I never had and would always have

So to my Edo muffin I know I haven't been the perfect friend thanks for being there for me, and thanks for keeping up with my bulls*&t and ish and my tears and thank you for your advice,and just for being the heaven sent angel that you are

may the good Lord continue to bless and guide you in all that you do, and may everything you put your heart and hands to be a success in Jesus Name, in case your wondering I'm a prayer warrior!

Ok today is my also parents' wedding anniversary theyve been married for 21 years!!

Ok 9th of July 1988,Mama Tinu woke up and immediatley she put her two left legs on the floor she felt water ahn ahan she woke her maid of honor up and they turned on the lights ,LO AND BEHOLD THEIR ROOM WAS FLOODED AND so was the whole house

Ok i dunno what happend but they go ready for church in the midst of the flood!I saw the pics now!ehen

yeah so they go to the church and they saw it was even more flooded(pardon me im not in school at the moment so I can shell)yes o the church was more flooded and there was no way my mother or anybody else could enter the church

Thank God my father and all hs village peeps who are from Okrika Port Harcourt so trust them, they took hold of the situation mounted benches on top of each other so people could enter the church!ooh and my grandma fell into the water!!!LMAO!!

I'm sure your wondering how my mother entered the church Uncle Donatus carried her in her wedding dress into the church, and they got married

Ofcourse there were many jokes about this wedding

How my dad brought the whole village including the water to Lagos to marry my momsie

and some people used Canoe to go outside and inside the church!heheh

I wasn't at the wedding o, I was chilling somewhere before baba God asked me to go and join them!The next year I was born and 3 yrs later my yamheaded brother was born!finito

Well I do thank God for putting my parents together even though they can be like fire and izze cold warra they've stuck it out in sickness and in health for richer and for poorer, I can't remeber the rest , trust me it hasn't been happily ever after, seen both their fathers die,nursed me to health when I was really sick,dealt with drunk drivers, and bad househelps (another story)and other ish and I hope God would continue to bless them as they continue their lives together!
So to the most wonderful daddie and mommie in this universe happy anniversary!!

have a great weekend people
Ps Mona is back with a BANG check out her "new" blog "What's on Nigeria" gives you the latest details about events, The Arts, Careers, Show Biz, ,Parties,Reality TV and Serious Business!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Igbo people I give una hand!

Igbo kwenu
Kwenu Ezu
Hi People
Today is a day I would never forget in a long time
First of all Ibo people I give una hand!!!!
I tasted nkwobi and isi ewu today
my first time tasting both
at first I was scared cos I don't like vegetables and I'm a fried or jollof rice with dodo,moin moin and meat thank you kinda person
ooh and for starters I had goat meat peppersoup!!!
I hope your mouths are watering
The Nkwobi was spaiiizyy according to the waitress, it was in like this traditional bowl,kai I was too damn hungry to take a picture,because chewing gum was my breakfast and lunch,so infact all the worms in my stomach were cursing me and I had to act fast before they started cursing my parents so I took the first spoon!!
which was HEEEEEEEEEAAAVEN, it was reli spaaaizzzy as in the pepper,but mehn I just had to form even though steam was coming out of my ears and my nose was running!!it was too much o!!

ehen back to the nkwobi,it was GOOOD i said that alread abi
ooh I even had dodo sef,
I actually combined the plantain and nkwobi and it came out really well
Ok time to tell you about the isi ewu
Yes I know I'm a real alajeki, eat until you faint but when next would I see this kind of tin!!
so yeah the isi ewu wasnt as spaiizzzy as nkwobi
so I dealt with that one too
mind you there were other people on the table that were sharing the food with me
so I'm really not that bad of an alajeki
then I washed it down with a nice cold bottle of izzzee warrra!!
I have to learn how to make this thing o!!!
I can make stew,jollof rice,fried rice,white rice, I can boil water(a necessity in households mind you),yam fry plantain and I can bake cake!
so I have to add nkwobi and isi ewu to my list
and also eforiro,efoelegusi,okoro,ogbono,afiafere and all those other things
Ok I won't ask why women have to know how to cook all these things
but why do we have to???
Can't we be like the oyinbos and know how to microwave or make
hamburger helper,lasagna,pizza pockets and co
I swear there would be no more fighting in the african household!!
there's even a yoruba movie that I watched, and the morale of the story was that women have to know how to cook and take care of their husbands and my mother sent it to me!
Oh well, right now if I was in a pool I would probably sink, yes sink!!!I'm that full!!
Ok im getting tired, I'm still thinking of that nkwobi o!!
ok then Kachifo (im trying o)

PS the girls of the Kokomansion should be called razzolletts!

Friday, July 3, 2009

My knight in shining armor

It seems as if I haven't blogged in forever!
well to be honest I haven't had anything to talk about,ooh yeah I passed my exams!!!phewwwwww!thank u all!!
ooh I forgot to say Hi!, well Hi,
hope ur all good!
kai these artificial nails i went to put on my hand are gettting stuck in the keyboard!tschewww im enjoying them sha!!
OH I've left that village where my school is and I'm in ontario!fine boys everywhere,on the bus, on the road,as in fine black boys!!my Garrrd, yes o I havent seen fine black boys in 6 months!!!after my encounter with Vanilla I definately do need some SHOKORATE!!!(chocolate)
Mehhhhn my brother is growing up o!
He just finished secondary school, I'm sooo proud of him,they a leavers ball and you should have seen my yamhead(brother)looking like a somebody!!I fear o and I started thinking
is this the same boy who when he was 2 and my mom was trying to change him he sprayed pee into her mouth????obviously by mistake and he was laffing like a hyena!hehe
is this the same boy that used to scream like a girl?
is this the same boy that I hid mommie's canes with behind the freezer?
is this the same boy that used to win dancing competition at parties?and was crazy about being like Usher,Genuwine Micheal Jackson(RIP) and anybody else that used to dance like crazy??
is this the same boy that bowed and courtseyd at the same time during a corona valentine concert??it was funny o!
is this the same boy that taught me how to ride a bicycle?
oooh tooo many memories with this boy!!
well people in those pictures he was looking like a MAN!!gosh my baby brother is growing up!
ehen o jare!!!he had earrings in his ear(duh) and his hair had friction(is that how to say it)!!and he was wearing this grey suit with his tie well done and his shirt tucked in!!
I could believe mine eyes!!this was the boy that for 3years in Whitesands school I helped him knot his tie every morning!!and teachers called my mom about his constant untidiness!!!!

A few months ago he asked my parents to increase his pocket money why?because he had a girlfriend at the time!and he had to be bying her stuff!
Oooh and another time he sent my mom a text and he was like that she should pray for him, she was worried so she called him back, and he told her that there was this girl that he liked but she didn't like him so she should tell God to give him a change of heart???so that she can like him!!!
and then the kwensions started "Tinu where is you boyfriend"like as if there is a store where black,tall,handsome,educated,between the ages of 22-27,God fearing,fluent in english,doing his masters,no baby mama drama,with plenty money and soo on are sold?
pls if u know where I can get this fantastic package are sold,CALLL ME O!!!!or send me an email !!!or better still leave ur email addresses in the comment box!!Thanks and God bless 1,000 fold in advance!!
Well I;m happy my brother is growing up, bt kai is too soon now!!!
I'm vey happy and proud of him, and I pray that God would continue to guide and protect him in evrything he does, and the God would drive any golddigging woman that would want to come and finish his money when he grows up in Jesus Name!!!AMEEEN!!!
Oh and Mama Tinu called we spoke for about 30mins and then she sent me a text, I cant sleep want to chat on facebook???and that I should help her upload a pic!!
Mike Zuckerberg biko there should be age restriction on facebook now!dnt u think people are wasting ur time,taking up ur cyberspace, that they check once in four months!

have a great weekend people!
pls recommend shows that I can watch and books that I can read, pls o these books should'nt be the ones that I would need to have a dictionary beside me to enjoy them o!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Counting Our Blessings!

Hey People
Don't you miss going to church in Naij, the Praise and Worship most of the time came me goosebumps and seeing people praise God like thier life depended on it!
Have you ever sat down to count your blessings??

Ok let me help you

You woke up this morning abi?some people didn't see today!Thank God for the breath of life, and no its not your right to wake up every morning!

You got off your bed on your two feet, there are some people that have no legs, Thank God for you feet, even though I have two left legs I still thank God

You are reading this, you have eyes you can see some people are blind Thank God for your eyes!

You are going to post a comment after reading this abi? Thank God for your hands!and thank you for your comment!hehehe

Hopefully everything is alright with your family?thank God for sustaining them

You have family and friends that love and care for you?Thank God for them

You have a roof over your head, you have food to eat,water to drink,you're comfortable right now?Thank God

We often complain about not having this and not having that, but have we ever thought about the people that don't have a quarter of what we have?

Hopefully you haven't been laid off from your job, and you will not be in Jesus name I won't even go into how many people have lost their jobs!Thank God for your job no matter how much you hate it!

You are not in a war torn country! Thank God!

I could go on and on and on, but the hands God gave me are getting tired,and just thinking about my blessings is quiet overwhelming!

There is nothing Ordinary about God, HE IS EXTRA EVERYTHING!!Dnt even let me get started about His Extras...Extraknowledgeable,Extradependable,Extra.... I dnt even know again o!!!

Count your blessings name them one by one

Count your blessings see what God has done

Count your blessings name them one by one and it would surprise you what the Lord has done!

Have a fab week!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hey People,
Those exams ehn!!Showed me pepper, well one of them tho!!
But I'm leaving everything to God o!

Lets go back to the days when MUSIC was MUSIC!
Not all this rubbish BET, MTV,MUCH MUSIC and co are calling music that would require you to use tyelonol after you've listened and the ones that don't even make sense at all!!!
Aren't there some music videos you watch and your like"who gave this one a record deal?"
"how did he or she even get on my television screen sef" and some you just want a refund of ur cable bill if this is what your paying for Ok i kid i kid !
I know I sound like and old woman but I miss the days of good music, when it made sense, not now when people use music to start beef, and insult other people's mothers,fathers,grandmothers,children ok I'll stop but you get my drift!!
Not all the music these days is bad don't get me wrong!but most of them just make me cringe, and leave me speechless
Oh and Naija music makes me sooooo proud to be Nigerian!!!!!Very Proud of Banky W
Pls if u stil haven't read the article you can read it here

So I that I was give you all a treat and take you back to when MUSIC WAS MUSIC





"I'VE BEEN WACHING YOU A LA LA LA LONG A LONG LONG , GIRL I WANT TO MAKE YOU SWEAT,SWEAT TILL YOU CAN'T SWEAT NO MORE AND IF YOU CRY OUT I'M GOING TO PUSH IT PUSH IT SOME MORE" Inner Circle Our parents allowed us dance to this???my Garrrd! Flexing and doing butterfly to this song uve won danciing competition!!hehehe

"I'M ON A ROMANTIC CALL, ............. HELLO CAN I TALK TO BOBBY!" I cant decipher her english Patra

I love this song!!!chai

Chuka Demus and Pliers







cant find a video where a dj is not scratching tschewwwwww




I've tried for una oo!!!
This post wouldnt be complete without some Shina Peters!!I used to dance to this song dieeeeee!

Shina Peters

Before Chayoma would eat my head for not putting Ibo Music

"Iyogogo iyo go Iyo goooo" Onyeka Onwenu



"I'LL MAKE LOVE TO YOU, LKE YOU WANT ME TO "Boys II Men I love the guy with the mega deep voice!!!chaiiiii!

And we would flex and do the butterfly and all the ones I can't remeber just to win a prize or to be crowned the best dance girl or boy!!!!

Hope I brought back memories!!


Sunday, June 21, 2009


I swear my stupidity is now on a ketro level!!
I have my final exams MONDAYand tuesday
and all along I thought I knew my schedule off hand well an hour ago I realized I didnt!
So i went to the library to print off slides so that I could study properly for the exam on tomoro and on the course website i saw
"remider that the exam is on the 23rd of June!"
meaning that the exam that I thought was tomoro is on tuesday and the exam that I thought was on tuesday is...Tomorow!!!!
Im sooooo pissed!!!how can I make such a stupid mistake!!arrrrggggghhh
all I want to do now is EAT!!!I'm surprise im not even crying!
I have 3more chapters to read for the one tomoro and Im not reli understanding and then I have to practice 60 multiple choice questions!
this type of thing just makes me want to chase my Js3 dream of selling pepper as I was convinced then that school wasnt for me! bcos of maths!
Ok off to read!stupid books!!


I love you daddie with all my heart!

I love you daddie
thank you for all the things you do!
thank you for sacrificing for me and my brother and mommie too!
thank you for being soo understanding even though I was/am such a pest
thank for always being there when I need you and even when I don't
thank you for always making me smile when I'm feeling blue
thank you for pushing me to do the things that I truly love
I am who I am today cos of you!
You are truly the wonderfulest daddie anybody could ever ask for
Happy fathers day daddie
I love you and I will always love you
Happy fathers day to all the wonderful fathers!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ladies and Gentumen I have a problem!

Eyin Piipooo mi!

Una come see me see wahala o!!!
I must be going bonkers these days!
I dnt know what I want to do with my life!!
I'm not learning anything in uni all I'm here to do is get good grades and get out!!
that was what I did in primary school and secondary school and I got out! with black knees and too many funny stories to tell my children!

University according to wikipedia is an institution of higher education and research, which grants academic degrees in a variety of subjects. A university provides both undergraduate education and postgraduate education

I'm not learning anything o!!

Ok so I'm going to get a degree then a 9 to 5 job!!

I'm really dreading going to sit down behind a desk from 9-5! I think its the waking up part I'm dreading the most!

I was on Onada's photoblog today Ladies and Gentumen she blew me away,like I felt the need to be a photographer!! I wanted to be in her shoes! I was sooo jealous, words really can't explain the way I feel when I saw all her photos! infact I was FLABBERWHELMED AND OVERGHASTED!

I want to be a photographer!nooo no those ones that would be telling you

Aunty I wanna snap you!

do you want a pezinaaaal foro??

Aunty dress this side,oya ttttooon dis way,

dazz a naizzze poze!

Oya toooon ya head dis side,yezz thazz naize

put ya hand hon your eeeps!

No no not that kind of photgrapher!

I want to be the one that would be like

Omg that was a great pose*snap*

U go girl*snap*

give it to me(get your minds out of the gutter!)*snap*

shey guys are getting what I'm saying???

I know I have to get my degree and alll but I would really really love to be a photographer!!!

OOOh another great photoblog I found was CapturedbyCarrie

Yes that is what I spend my time googling,not the babies but photoblogs, I want to take pictures of people's weddings,engagements and babies and children and nature and I could go on and on and on but I think I would stop here!

I google cameras, and how they work, I look at people's photoblogs and read all the comments and suggestions fellow photgrphers have to offer!

Should I go for it??
Should I stick to my major and then go to school of photgraphy?

some other photoblogs that I visit are
Jide Alakija

In case your intrested!

Is this just a fleeeting thought that I should just let go?????

Have a great week!

Ps I sound hella confused abi??
pps!Twinnnie sorry about sunday Chayoma was eating my house down!!!!!!hehehe

Friday, June 12, 2009

Blogsville,you guys are the best!

My darling People,

Thank you alll sooooo much for your comforting words,prayers everthing you guys are indeed the best!
Got this from my darling friend Wura and I just thought I should share and also nothing to blog about, so enjoy,

Rev. Reinhard Bonke came to Okuokoko village in delta state for a convention. He mounted the podium and started preaching the gospel. Barely 10 minutes into the sermon he noticed that the congregation were grumbling and leaving. he called on the nearest man(akpomiemie) and asked him why they were leaving. Akpomiemie answered "sir, dem no understand your big English", Reinhard Bonke thought for a moment and then asked Akpomiemie for assistance. This is what ensued:
Reinhard Bonke: "As it is written in the bible"
Akpomiemie: "As dem yarn for bible side"

Reinhard Bonke: "Jesus entered the boat with his disciples"
Akpomiemie: "Naim Jesus fall inside canoe with him palles"

Reinhard Bonke: "As the boat was sailing there was a great storm"
Akpomiemie: " As the canoe dey remove naim yawa come gas"

Reinhard Bonke: " the storm was so great that it was like a whirl wind"
Akpomiemie: "the yawa na die so tay kasala burst enter"

Reinhard Bonke: " the disciples became so afraid and they shouted master master"
Akpomiemie: "naim liver drop him palles, dem begin hala bros bros"

Reinhard Bonke: " Jesus got up and calmd down the wind"
Akpomiemie: "Naim Jesus rise up come arrange the yawa"

Reinhard Bonke: " He turned to his disciples and said, oh ye men of little faith"
Akpomiemie: Na so Jesus look him palles,shake him head say UNA FALL MY HAND"

REINHARD BONKE: the disciples replied and said what manner of man is this?
Akpomiemie: him palles come hala say sho.. bro J which levels?

I love my mommie she just knows when to make me smile,she sent me a text this morning and it read 'I'm one of those people that want to to know everything about you- like how yo dey?,how has ur day been?, you don chop?,the food sweet?, you beleful?,u drink water?,u don baff?oya go sleep.See I do care!

She's just a trip and then she sent pics of my brother and I when we were younger,LOOOOOOOOL!!!!In the pic I did 2 suku hairstyle!!!Lmao! and my brother loooked like such a monkey with his dimples, if you see him now ehn!deep voice and all!!!!!

Ok hope I made all of you smile or laugh

thanks soo much again!

have a fantastic weekend
God bless



Saturday, June 6, 2009

Uncle Tokunbo

I don't even know where to start from

He used to come to my house every weekend with my uncle, fun times!

even though I hadn't done my homework I still wanted to be around him!

he was soo much fun to be with!!Uncle Tokunbo

he wasnt Old but we just called him Unlce Tokunbo just as a sign of respect

I remeber when I was contemplating on going for the sean paul concert and you were like you won't go that you would just play his cd in your car!!!LMAO!

Few years later it was time for my uncle's wedding

we were both on the bridal train

he told me Wo Tinu if not for your mommie and that you were like my younger sister you'l' be my girlfriend!!!

and that was when I had a crush on him!! the crush died a few months later!

so many visits back home and I constanltly asked about him

He's fine, he's in London working I was told!

Found him on facebook a few days ago

wanted to add him but had soo many things to do

so I put it off till later

woke up this morning and searched his name

saw a group In passing Memory of Tokunbo

Yup my Uncle Tokunbo

I still can't believe it!!

Read all the things people had to say about him, and he hasn't changed one bit!!

He was just 32!

When people say the good ones die young I believe it!

Life is short, glad to know that he spent his life praising and serving God!

Rest In Peace Uncle Tokunbo till we meet again!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My first and last taste of 'Vanilla"!!!!

People I have giiiiist!

So Chayoma and I went to get for cheesecake,after I she told me there was a place near my house that sold cheesecake!

the cheesecake place was closed so we went to the mall to get cheesecake which tasted like shit!

oh well!

left the mall and took the bus home!

Got down on the road and there were a lot of cars passing, so this dude allowed me pass and I went my way!

A car stopped right by me and it was the same guy that allowed me cross he's white!!, he was like ur soo f*&^ing sexy, ur so beautiful, making me blush and me too mumu I was laughing!!!!how I wish my mother was there to slap the taste out of my mouth!!!

He asked if I had a boyfriend and if I was looking for a boyfriend I said no!he was like oh that can I give him my number and I was like cool and I gave it to him!!!Ok he was driving a nice car- a hummer!it looked nice on the inside o!!!!that was why I gave him m number!I sound like a girl that just came from the village, yes now all the black boys here that would be driving kabu kabu!!so this was just what I needed!!and he was reli cute with a naaize tatoo and akpobi -muscles!heheh

ok First of all I havent been in a relationship in forever and the last fling I had with a guy I got my heart cracked not broken cracked!!! so I just decided to give this a shot!!I would NEVER give a stranger my number but the things good weather does to common sense!!!!!chai!!


before Chayoma and I left home I was looking for my phone so when I got back home, I took down all my boxes and spent a good 2 hours looking for my phone which I found in my bag that I took out!!!!I'm such a scatterbrain!

Ok back to my story, the guy and I sha started texting!
went to bed and woke up and I had 4 texts waiting from the guy!
"we should met up at your place sexy yum!"yum lati bo?????yum from where!!!
so my roomate sent him a text and told him that It was very rude of him to say such and that I just met him, sha made small roommatedid all the texting cos the text he sent turned me off!

went to class and dude text me again!!

'hey hun I dnt think we should be talking cos I'm a nympho"

urban dictionary definition

Someone, that eats, breathes, & lives for sex

YES O!!! that was what he said!!I just said ok It was nice meeting you.

so that was my first and last encounter with"vanilla"

No more "vanilla" for me o!!

Disgusted Tinu


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Golden Jubilee

Hey Guys

No im not 50!obviously but this is my 50th post!well both published and unpublished!

This iss soo emotional first of all I want to thank the academy,my directors, my fellow colleagues Funke Akindele, Halle Berry, (my bestest friend) and soo on you guys have truly been an inspiration!

ok to cut the bull! I would tell you guys 50 more things about me

1)my middle name is actually Tinu -Atinuke

2)I just watched Ratatoulie and I loved it!

3)I want to start collecting disney movies for my kids little mermaid,beauty and the beast,pocahuntas,happy feet, ratatoulie,FINDING NEMO, sharktale,cinderella, peter pan and co!so that my kids and I sing and sing and sing till when they memorize the movie and start acting like them and it start pissing me off!cos I dnt like all these silly hanna montanna and ish!i see her everytime I go to walmart!tschewwwwwwwwww

4)I have planned my wedding to the T I have chosen my bridesmaids and all but all that is missing is the groom and the money to fund it!

5)I get tired of things easily!

6)I dnt know how to say no, I might tell someone no and then start to feel bad for saying no and then give in, my children are going to have a ball if I dnt start learning how to say no

5)NO!yep i said it there's progress!:)

6)I hate scary moies, my friends and I went to watch halloween and I left after that were of a boy killed the rat and then I went to watch Nanny diaries

7)I haven't watched a lot of movies, I havent watched 300,I havent watched stomp the yard,pretty woman, amongst others

8)I'm allergic to alot of things BULLSHIT, insects,dust,rats,cats,insecticide,airfreshners-drummer and co

9)I've been thinking of deleting my blog, nothing to write, my next post would be my 51st jubille if I dnt think of something to write

10) I love my parents- duh! abi? I talk about them everytime

11) Im the worst procastinator I know

12)I cry alot!If I got a quarter for evrry tear I've cried!Arab money!

13)I'm a very vulnerable person!things get to me alot and I kinda take things personally

14)still on number 14???

15)ahhhh fifteen!

16)my 18th birthday is the best birthday I have in a while!

17)the only person that can stand my crying is my mother!I cry everytime she leaves, at the airport!I dnt care o!she would now be like Tinu people would think we are lesbians!!tschewwww do u know how many people would want to cry bcos of them!hmmmmn




21)out of things to write

22)I want to travel to dubai for my 21st!

23)I want to learn how to cook soups eforiro,efoelegusi,ofensala,afiafere,edikiakong,ati be be lo

24)It took me a long time to realize that hey not everbody likes you!and not everybody likes you and if everybody likes you that means you MUST have a problem!

24)Anytime I watch a reality show I want to do something similar to what I watched!

Cake Boss- i want to own a bakery and learn how to design stuff with sugar

Wedded to perfection I want to be a wdding planner

I need help!

25)I'm almost there!

26)I love my friends to bits!and I hate sharing my friends with people!!ahn ahn friend swagger jackers!there are 6billion people in this world It really wont be hard to get ur OWN friend!!so leave my friends alone!thank you

27)I love music!!If i cant find my Ipod my heart starts racing o!!I cant live without it!!!I have an ipod deposit!yep moey set aside if my ipod ever gets lost!so far I have 20 dollars!

28) I hate flying! I knock myself out with alchol and I crash!If u put me on first or business classs i would lurrrve HIIIIT!nd lurrrve you too!

29)I hate dirty dishes!

30)If I dnt like you I would never pretend that I do!simple

31)Ihate it when people find something wrong with what won't put food on thier table!

32)I cant remember the last time I fell!cos when I was younger I was the type of child that fell every other day!I would have like an injury/wound on my knee and would fall down on that same wound!

33) I love fooood!makes me happpy ehn!

34)I hate injections!!if I was to be given one now!I would just start crying, and asking you if I cant swallow the liquid in the syringe cos its going to do that same work!and how God would bless you if you dnt give me this injection!!Lord help the person if it now hurts!

35)I love cake,chocolate,strawberry shortcake,everything cake!!!

36)I'm actually very shy in person pisses of my friends to bits!!but in blogsville im kind of a big mouth!!hehehe

37)I havent been clubbing in a year!My social life= non existent!

38)I look up to female members in my family alot!My mommie, my grandmas aunty Kemi, anuty Labisi Mona,Wand and FLo, they make me want to do be different and hardwork pays off and that you can work hard an play hard!

39)Loosing weight is hard o!!

40)Im graduating in 2years!was supposed to graduate in 2013!im not in med school or school of pharmacy its just business school!!!im eggggzziited!

41)I;m not enjoing university at all!!al I do is go to school, come to my room,thats it quite depressing abi??? I know o!!

42)I can be very razzzz!like Jenifa razzz!its fun I swear Im going to have a whole post where I talk like her!hope u'll be able to read it!

43)I miss my mama!!!!

44)Im sure this is the most boring 50 posts about me ou've read abi??Na so I see am too o!

45)I hate my teeth! I have that gap in between my two front teeth!its not that big like a drive thru but it drives me crazy, wore braces for a while after they took them off, mehn I could be a model for aquafresh!lost my retainers and now my teeth are almost back to where they where before I got the braces!well theyre not that bad cos before I got the braces somebody could use my upper jaw as rake!!kai!!!!!so when Im done uni I shall me getting my teeth done, filling all the necesary gaps!

46)I moving back to Nigeria immedaitely im dne with school!otutu o ni pa mi!!and I cant see myself living anywhere else!!I cant live in a country where you need clothing for every season!ki lo de!!

47) Getting my hair done is like therapy!I feel sooo good when Im doing my hair!!I dnt know if its the pulling of my hair strands!but my goodness it feels goood!

48)I love my brother!no matter how annoying he might be!

49) I need to build my confidence!I'm not soo confident im myself and its bringing me down

50) It was quite stressful getting here, but Im done!!I know I cheated but ahn my life is boring o!I cant even open my mouth to sing that song my life your entertainment, cos Lawwwdhamercy I'm boring!



Thursday, May 28, 2009

Too Much of a Chicken!

Hey People

I haven't blogged in a while o!!!

howve u all been!!!

is it just me or is blogsville getting boring!Where is everybody, Kemberly,Solomonsydelle,Bcup and Chari, Bibi,Bsnc(ok she's back)and ooooh BIMBYLADS IS BACK!for those of you that dont know and she has baby!!!

Ok so, I was having this very random thought while having a shower, thats where I do all my thinking!

I know I've given you guys jist about how momsie dealt with my brother an I when we were younger so I was thinking of paying her back I love my mother and all but the thought of giving her a taste of her own medicine cracks me up!

Ok so I was thinking of telling her that I'm not coming to naij this christmas, and these would be my excuses!but I would still go I would just surprise her get my drift??

1) Im getting married to this Arab guy, and I shall send she and daddie (yes o he's included o!cos when she used to brush me he never said anything!) and email which would read

Dear Mommie and Daddie

I want you to know that I would not be coming to Lagos this christmas because I am now married . I am married to Abudulsalami something something. He was the one that helped me pass my math exam and he made me swear that if I passed my math and computer science that I would marry him, I know it was a very stupid thing to do but mommie desperate times calls for desperate measures, and I didnt want you to be disappointed in me. So now he and I are married,he is a wonderful guy and I love him and he loves me!and I'm 3 months pregnant!!

Don't worry mommie Ill will be okay, I would send you my baby's picture and I'm sure he would look so much like his daddie and I would also send you gold as Dubai is just a stone throw away!

Miss and love you loads

Tinu something something

PS Abdul says you must be great parents, because he's married to the perfect wife!

pps TO daddie, can you suggest a Rivers name for him!thank you, would you still continue paying my school fees!We would really appreciate this!

Ok My mother knows me very well and she know that nothing in this word can stop me from coming back home this Christmas not even the snow in Canada!

If my mother actually believed that I was married , militants in the Niger Delta would definitely shift base to look for me and slap the taste out of my mouth!!ehn the apple of my mother's eye and the princess of my village,yup I'm a princess and from now on you guys should refer to me as Princess Tinu, if not I shall not.... I think of what to do to all of you!hehe. My father would just delete the email and go and play golf!!tschewwwwwww!

or my second option was to tell her that I was going to be a monk in Tibet!!but she know me to well that I ChukwuTinuOluwafowosapomi (the Lord shall put money in my pocket!Amen o)shall not cut a strand of my thick,long black,strong and evrybody-wants-their-hair-and-their-daughter's-hair-to-be-like-my-own-hair hair!so newwwp!!

Ok let me be realistic I'm toooooo much of a chicken to do any of the stated above! and she won't even believe!So I just have to go to naij this Christmas!!excccited!!yes I know its 7months away!!my goodness this year is just going Usain Bolts on us o!!!!

your royal highnessy (abi how does the queen of England end her letters?)

Princess Tinu


Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hey People

thanks for all the messages on my last post I would definitely come round to going to all you blogs one by each!hehehe

Daddykins is in town!!!!chaaaaaaaaaai ok he's been around since Sunday and he's leaving on Saturday!!!;(

Mehhhhn you should have seen my smile when I went to get him from the airport!!as usual as wide as Canada!!!

Ive missed the guy o, he's just full of jokes I swear and just fun to be around!!!We've just been hanging out having fun, oooh and for passing my resits he took me and my friend out and bought me abottl of Red wine, seeee grooove!its was very naizzze as I was having that with some chicken a la carte!!(I can't remeber the name of the chicken I had, one funky name like this)

Ok so he is from Rivers and my mom is yoruba so he's always complaining about going to yoruba weddings and parties

"you are going to enjoy yourself and celebrate with people yet the would put you under hot canopy and you'll be chasing flies with your hands and be cleaning sweat from your face"LMAO!
(no offence to yoruba people o)but its true sha!

We were jisting about how well Fashola is doing and he was like that his friend's driver asked his friend if he could take time off work and the boss asked him why, and the driver was like that he wants to go pay his taxes, cos he is seeing what taxpayers money can do!!God bless Fashola!!

He pushes me to do things that I havent done before cos "He knows I can do it"

and there's always a reward!!

Always on my side when I have arguements with momsie!

He always makes me laugh!when I vex, he's like ahn Tinu your face looks soo beautiful when you bone!lol

I love you Daddie, cos you bring out the best in me and help me believe in myself, when I'm down!!thank you soo much for believing in me!!

I LOVE YOU Dadddie!



Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm sooooooooo happppppy!

Ok I'm so sorry for not bloging this past weeek!!
O well I have a testimony,
MATHEMATICS and I aren't really friends and this has been a constant problem throughout my life in school
Ok there is this particular course in my uni Maths 1000 calculus, this is a course that people have taken 5 -6times and has even led people to change their majors!
So I did the course last semester and failed it, cried soooo much when got my result, christmas wasnt as good, ok lemme not lie, I had made up my mind that I wasnt goig to do well, which led to me having a failing grade going into the exam!17/40!
had to repeat the course again!
So I got made up m mind when I came back that nothing was going to distract me from passing this course, didnt go to any parties, didnt socialize with people et al!
Lo and Behold I failed AGAIN
I cant even say its the devil, cos he had nothing to do with it!or maybe he did!
I was sooooooo depresssed, had to do a supplementary exam, didnt study as hard as I should have and started studying last minute
Got my results today and I passed!!
I'm soooo frigging happy my smile is as wide as Canada!!!!!
I kinda felt very stupid for putting this up here but hey God definatley has time for small miracles dosent he?


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dear Mommie,

Dear Mommie,
I really don't know where to start from because if I list all the things uve done for me!going to take decades
I really really thank God for giving me to you and giving you to me cos I dnt know another any other woman that would take me as I am, with all my crying for no good reason, being rude, being difficult,figthing with my brother and just being strong headed infact just being me

You've moulded me into the woman that I am today and I thank God for that,
you taught me how to be respectfu, how to be corteous and most importantly how to pray(which I seldom do)
Im actually out of words right now but I just want you to know that I really love you and will love you now till the day I die
and one day I hope to be the great mother you've been to me to my own children
Happy mother's day
loads of love and kisses