Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A birthday,an Anniversary and lotta stories in between!

Hey People,

So today is my bestest friends birthday she's 20!!

Ive known her for 9yrs and the way we met was really funny

First week of school when we were all still getting to know each other I dnt know the spirit that entered me but I went to report her to a teacher that she wasn't talking to me and that she was snobbing me and the teacher made her apologize and told her to be my friend and we've been the closest friends ever since. Looking at our pictures from way back she has definately grown into a beautiful young woman! In Js1 she wore glasses that had this blue tint,hehe she had pimples,and wore braces thinking back I dunno why I wanted somebody who looked like this to be my friend but God works in mysterious ways but now she's a little teeny weeny bit finer that me ok let me be fair she's alot finer than me! We've spent children's day in Ikoyi Club, Ive fapped her stuff which constitutes a small fraction of my wadrobe, I walk into her house likes its my own house,I can talk to her about anything and evrything!she's actually the sister that I never had and would always have

So to my Edo muffin I know I haven't been the perfect friend thanks for being there for me, and thanks for keeping up with my bulls*&t and ish and my tears and thank you for your advice,and just for being the heaven sent angel that you are

may the good Lord continue to bless and guide you in all that you do, and may everything you put your heart and hands to be a success in Jesus Name, in case your wondering I'm a prayer warrior!

Ok today is my also parents' wedding anniversary theyve been married for 21 years!!

Ok 9th of July 1988,Mama Tinu woke up and immediatley she put her two left legs on the floor she felt water ahn ahan she woke her maid of honor up and they turned on the lights ,LO AND BEHOLD THEIR ROOM WAS FLOODED AND so was the whole house

Ok i dunno what happend but they go ready for church in the midst of the flood!I saw the pics now!ehen

yeah so they go to the church and they saw it was even more flooded(pardon me im not in school at the moment so I can shell)yes o the church was more flooded and there was no way my mother or anybody else could enter the church

Thank God my father and all hs village peeps who are from Okrika Port Harcourt so trust them, they took hold of the situation mounted benches on top of each other so people could enter the church!ooh and my grandma fell into the water!!!LMAO!!

I'm sure your wondering how my mother entered the church Uncle Donatus carried her in her wedding dress into the church, and they got married

Ofcourse there were many jokes about this wedding

How my dad brought the whole village including the water to Lagos to marry my momsie

and some people used Canoe to go outside and inside the church!heheh

I wasn't at the wedding o, I was chilling somewhere before baba God asked me to go and join them!The next year I was born and 3 yrs later my yamheaded brother was born!finito

Well I do thank God for putting my parents together even though they can be like fire and izze cold warra they've stuck it out in sickness and in health for richer and for poorer, I can't remeber the rest , trust me it hasn't been happily ever after, seen both their fathers die,nursed me to health when I was really sick,dealt with drunk drivers, and bad househelps (another story)and other ish and I hope God would continue to bless them as they continue their lives together!
So to the most wonderful daddie and mommie in this universe happy anniversary!!

have a great weekend people
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yinkuslolo said...

really? flood! haha, no marra what, ur folks made sure they tied the knot.

congrats on their anniversary!

Sassy Trends said...

Happy burthday to your bestest friend and a happy anniversary to your parents dear.


NaijaBabe said...

classic wedding. No story! As in........ Wow

LG said...

buhahahahahahahaha LWKM rily luved d water stori but stil cant believe it happened, Abeg email me d pics sharply :-)
*Happy anniversary to ur parents, May u continue t put smiles on thier face (amen

Anonymous said...

lol @ you reporting your bestie to a teacher..the things we did back then sha!!

ahn ahn where did the flood come from during ur parents so random!

chayoma said...


Original Mgbeke said...

Awwww, yay to friendship. And your parents story got me cracking up, happy anniversary to them!

Tinu said...

thanks all!!
@taymeee errr just so u know RAIN BRINGS FLOODS!!so that is where the flood came from!

Maiya said...

Aww cute.

I hear a not so perfect wedding usually means the marriage would be arent they lucky the flood came.