Thursday, March 18, 2010

Amuka and Atole

Hi guys

cheeeiii its been to long on this blogger sef, I don't even feel guilty again cos all bloggers are on twitter. hehehe well I do feel kinda guilty cos blogger was my first love after facebook
On the 11th was my blogversary woohoo a whole year blogging and its been wonderful I remember my first post and how I used to refresh the post every 5minutes to see if anybody had dropped a comment, and I also used to spam people's comment boxes! cheeei I don try
I'm sure most of you are familiar with the terms Amuka and Atole
Amuka means one that sucks his/her fingers
Atole( one that pees on the bed)

I was an Amuka, I really don't know at what age i started sulking my two fingers yes o two fingers, but at that time it was the best thing that could ever happen to me.
It was like a drug, when I was deep in sleep my mom or dad would come and take it out of my mouth and the fingers would go right back
They tried all the tricks in the book rubbing pepper on the fingers rubbing the fingers with bitterleaf( i died so damn bitter duh) I would just take my toothbrush and tooth paste and brush my fingers to remove the taste of the pepper or the bitterleaf! and the fingers went back in. I was bad abi? (soap and water didnt do justice and it just destroyed the sulking experience)
Mama Tinu resorted to all sorts I would tell your friends in school you sulked but whenever she passed that Corona gate she just forgot.
Finally Mama Tinu was fed up with my sulking and one day decided to tie one of my fingers with that black celotape the rubber one and she said "If you take it off, you would sleep out side beside the maygauard" and you guys know that Mama Tinu don't play! so had the masking tape on for the weekend, she finally took it off and then my finger, was black cos she tied the tape on too tight and blood wasnt flowing to my nail, so the nail fell off and I just stopped sulking. I stopped sulking when I was 10, and then the years after braces!

The atole in our house was my younger brother he just couldn't stop peeing, and it drove my parents mad especially my dad. and whenever they asked him :why dont you get up in the middle of the night when you feel like peeing and go to the bathroom?" His response was that when he wanted to be he always dreamt that he was in the bathroom, so he just peed!
this went on for a couple of years and trust the masters of punishment Mama and Papa Tinu to come up with the worst
My brother slept on mats, cos the mattress had started to stink and the boy still peed on the floor.
Flogged him but still didn't stop him from peeing
He spent a night in the bathroom, yup he slept there, at least that night he didn't pee hehehe
After a while my parents just gave up and he just stopped peeing!
So were any of you atoles or amukas?? tell your story!

Have a fab week