Wednesday, August 26, 2009



I am very very sorry that i havn't updated,nothing to write, rather too much to write and I dnt kknow which one to post !!!I know it dosent seem like I havent updated cos Ive been going around blogsville!

howve u all been???(nobody ever answers my questions)

Everytime I get on the bus I get something to write about

So today on my way home I had to press the button to alert the driver to stop at my bus stop but instead I just had the urge to shout OWA OWA!!!(what you shout when you want the bus driver to stop in Lagos)I didnt!!!ahn ahn!!!a whole swaggaliscious somebody like myself!Tofiakwa!!

In Obalende
*remember all those women that did hair under the bridge and they would drag you to come and do your hair and then you would see all of them fighting abt customer!"na me call am forrrst""aabi aunty no be me call u,na me dey shout fine geh fine geh"
the might want to start million braids on your head at 4 o'clock in the afternoon!!
serious customer service right there!
the things you saw
*the women selling meat and fish and all the flies swarming!!
*the hausa men carrying sugar cane!!!
*people hawking agbalumo
*buses fighting to be on the faster lane
*conductors fighting about change with customers
*wreckless drivers that learnt how to drive a car under 2hrs
*those men that carried meat in their hands in cartons
*people that sold rat poison with dead dried rat and then they would put it in your car and the ones that sold crabs
*women selling agbdo(corn) and pear the purple one, roasted plantain and yam,

and in CMEEEEEZZZZ all the second books and clothes that were sold

and in MAAAIII TWEEEF the baskets of tomatoes and all the things needed for parties

You know there are only something you hear in Nigeria

*Pls wazz your time?

*Do you know who I yam?

*I want to drink Aiiiizzzeeee warra

*your head no correct?

*she took in meaning that shes pregnant

*she put to bed meaning that she had a baby


*Inner Light


*why are you frnaking your face?

*can you borrow me your stood I need to sit

*I never beleful

*Hely momo (early morning)

*Aunty e revise back seyin

*dressssI wan pass

*Oga how weekend?wetin you chop remain??

*Happy sunday

*Hi halways henjoy moosik


*today na today
*who born you
*you dont have respect
*you can't greet
*It snot your fault
*50 naira rice 20 naira beans, 2 pomo one pepsi orobo
*heeeens up
*offf your pant
*she's wearing troziz
*I would show you pepper
*where are your particuars
*abeg shif smll may i siddon
*park here park here nigerian police
*ori e fokasibe
*dem swearofr you
*let me call you back beforelasma catch me
*is it your consign
*no make me como my shirt ooo!!
*nosense and ingrident!!!

*can i see ur tint permit and faya extinguisher

Have a fab rest of the week!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Reminiscing Part 2

My people

It sooo hard remebering those insults as I was one of those people who used to repeat the same insult!!!

You mess you mess 5 akara form voltron !!!

You mess you mess Babangida repeat Js2!!!!hehehe

See you ton ton belle like 7 o'clock news

see in ur village they us fork and knife to eat okin

You mess Micheal Jackson shout "Calabar Idi ya kpong".

You shit here, you shit here, You shit here, you come ask "mama mama which one resemble me

U mess akara tie ichafu

U mess all the fish in the ocean say are we safe!

U mess abacha wear shoe before socks!

The tallest man in your village use to use ladder to climb counter!

All of u in ur village are so rich, u share one pant.

U mess abacha come back from grave

and somebody would be feeling like a bad ass after saying all this rubbish o!!!

Hairstyles we did

the famous all back

Two shuku

shuku and base


patewo and base

police cap

and remember doing thread!!!!I loved lossening it cos the "breeze" that came with the loosening of the hair

and for the boys

the cut their hair with a pattern on the side feeling like baddos

and some left the top really high and cut the back short!

The lies some people told

Some said they were going to london for the weekend
some said their father uncles were the president of America and London

some said they had been to buckingham palace and the queen was their mommies,aunty's daughters cousin's sister!

some said that micheal jackson was their cousin, then when you asked if you could come and see him, he had travelled

then there were daddy's cars with eleven doors one for you and each of you sisters one for you brother two for you parents,another one for your grandma and another for your grandpa ,the dog had one the cat had one the maiguard hd one Blessing the househelp has one and sooo on!

and there was a story of how one girl was on her way to london with her whole family then she told her daddie that she had forgotten her teddy bear,he daddie not told the pilot to turn round so that they can go and pick up the teddy bear!!!

the clothes we wore

CLOGS - every girl had to have these shoes it was a must!!My cousins always wore the same color of clogs whenever they went out!!

leggings went with your tshirts and sometimes the had to match you clogs

jelly sandals(do y'all remeber?)

our nice dresses with puffy sleeves then you wore lacy sock and patent leather black shoes

Lumberjack shirts with red greena and dark blue

hipsters and bell buttoms another must have!!

Half tops!! there was this time that alot of girls used to tie our shirts so that you could show your tommies?? and then you wore them with dungarees

Spagetti straps!!I gt one for my 8th birthday and I posed with it ehn, I wore it till momsie threw them away

Hot pants!!hmmmmmmn yes o!!

bandanas and huge hooped earrings!!(secondary school days)

Ok who remebers trying to "fix" your nails and using celotape????or whenever I went to the salon I used to steal the nails and then come hope and use celotape to tie them to my nails!!!when I was young and sooo foolish!

The days of camoflague!,green black and white,red,all sorts!!!

Ok Ive tried!!

Next post is going to be an e-party!!!parties that we had in those days! alll the music would be right here!

Have a great week people



Much love to my darling Thelma for helping me come up with all the insults!