Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Marriage,Love and Sharing

Hey people!!
So my friend sent me this and I thought I should share it with you all!!

This is what marriage is really all about . . .. . .
He ordered one hamburger, one order of French fries and one drink. The old man unwrapped the plain hamburger and carefully cut it in half. He placed one half in front of his wife. He then carefully counted out the French fries, dividing them into two piles and neatly placed one pile in front of his wife.
He took a sip of the drink, his wife took a sip and then set the cup down between them. As he began to eat his few bites of hamburger, the people around them kept looking over and whispering. You could tell they were thinking, 'That poor old couple - all they can afford is one meal for the two of them.'
As the man began to eat his fries a young man came to the table. He politely offered to buy another meal for the old couple. The old man said they were just fine - They were used to sharing everything.
The surrounding people noticed the little old lady hadn't eaten a bite. She sat there watching her husband eat and occasionally taking turns sipping the drink.
Again the young man came over and begged them to let him buy another meal for them. This time the old woman said 'No, thank you, we are used to sharing everything.'
As the old man finished and was wiping his face neatly with the napkin, the young man again came over to the little old lady who had yet to eat a single bite of food and asked 'What is it you're waiting for?'
She answered .. . . . ..



p.s theres a new blogger

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My mother's solutions

I was soooo naughty when I was younger,noisemaking,troublemaking,being rude to some teachers and trust Mama Tinu to come up with the worst punishments that I never forgot!Pls do not try this on your children(Solomonsydelle) or suggest it to any parents!I still love my mommie no matter what!!!
1)The day I decided to throw her food away in the bin, the ogbono soup that she cooked with all her power, she told me to eat it from the bin, and she meant it, I begged and begged even the plumber begged till she greed o!
2)She has made me sleep on a mat for hitting my brother(the brat)
3)The day I lied she beat me with omorogun(the stick for turning eba) till it broke!
4)One of the worst punishments ,was the day I was REALLY RUDE to a teacher my mother cut my hair, told me to go and tell the bus driver that I was going to school, she enrolled me in Nigerian public school those ones by Osbourne estate, paid my school fees for that day 500 naira! I got flogged the first day of school for noise making!!!chale!!
5)she locked my brother and I in the bathroom for fighting guess what? we made up and started playing with water!
6)there was one week that I ate brown ogi(pap,akamu) for a whole week cos I called her food rubbish!!

7) To make her feel bad I used to write on paper that she hated me and loved my brother more than me!!and she used to feel so bad and come and beg me and quote bible passages about spare the rod and all that ish to me!well I used to do this You hate me note a bit tooo much and she just started ignoring me!!! and tearing the notes!
8)Pick-pin!when u balance Ur body on a finger and one leg and if you changed it a hot slap came with the wind
9) When I was 6 years old I decided to use her red nail polish on my nails she told me
'lo fi obe isu shi kini yen ni sin sin" go and use the knife used to cut yam to take it off! ki a mosa were were
10) she punished us by telling us to write 500 lines, sometimes with the same color of Biro or 3 colours
I will always eat what is given to me
I would never be rude to my elders
11) My brother and I planned to run away together and she found out from the househelp, our punishment was to sit outside with the gate man, we did sit outside played,chased chickens and ate sweets from his stall!
12)I forgot my math textbook in school and I had a test the next day she made me use okada to my friends house in dolphin!!!MY REP!!!!!!thank God nobody saw me
13) there was another time she made me take bus to school one week the driver was right by me though!i cried every single morning on that bus
14)My brother left his shoes,school bag and books in school one day while palying football, her solution was for him to use patanla(the yellow and black nylon bag with stripes) as his school bag, and wear those green dunlop slippers to school!!!!
15)My brother wasn't doing well in his school! her solution take him to a Nigerian public school for a week, buy the uniform, after that they boy became an A student!!!
Pls know that Mama Tinu doesn't do such anymore cos she neither has the time nor the strength and I'm not there anymore!!!hehe
But we are best of friends, and yes she is the best mother that I could have ever asked for cos no one in the world would love me the way my mommie does!
So tell me what was that thing your momma did to you to make you realise that AYE YE O PE MEJI!(there are two sides to this life)


Thursday, March 26, 2009

And I was tagged!

I was tagged by Miss FlyHigh!

oh well she tagged me and I;m supposed to write ten things about myself

1)I miss my grandpa SO much, today is his birthday but he's not here anymore:O(

2)I have only one brother, he read the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers, and he was asked who he would die for and he put my name!!Our fights are worse that that of Tom and Jerry.So when I'm down I just remember that there is someone who loves me and would die for me!!I like not love my brother!hehe

3)When I was in Js1 I went to report a girl to my teacher, that she never used to talk to me,9yrs later we are the best of friends, another girl became my friend because of one hairstyle that she did, okay in my school we had to have between 12-30 plaits and she did one hairstyle pineapple abi is it roundabout and one plait was sticking out at the top of her head and the seniors counted it as one!! ROFLMAO! but you should see her now BABE!!!!!!!!, and another one of my friends, she was class captain 6yrs straight I used to vote for her so she won't write my name in the list of noise makers but she still did!! tschewww We are still friends tho!

4)I love making people laugh, I try to on this blog, but i don't think its working!

5)I very very self-conscious drives my friends nuts!!!

6) I'm down with the flu but I had cheesecake blizzard( Father deliver me from my sweet tooth) and today at its -3 outside!

7)When I get married, I want to have triplets all girls!!!!! yep and I've already designed their nursery, the walls are going to be light yellow and white with a winnie the pooh theme!

8)I really wish I wasn't so shy especially around guys, its like I don't have a tongue!!!it pisses my friends off alot!!but hey I can't help it

9)I haven't watched the movie 300, don't kill me I shall go and watch it soon!, I hated Dark Knight tschewww perfect waste of my time and money !Maybe because I didn't understand, I'd rather watch Bride Wars, Hairspray,Marley and Me, and the likes!

10)I pray everyday that my children do not turn out like me, because if they do, I'm in trouble!!!!,got in trouble soo many times in Secondary school for noise making that if my name wasn't on the list of nosie makers I definately wasn't in school that day!and they still made me prefect o!Labour prefect!!

I hereby tag Tininu,Mizchif and Blithesome

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Most Intellectual blogger parraps?

I told you all that I was going to have a Wole Soyinka post!That is to asserverate that I would be putting to use my grammatical skills realized over the years

Today I shall buncombe about adjourning activities till later dates and disadvantageousness of being a procastinator!

As a scholar in the tertiary academy, procastination is an amigo of mine!!Oh yes she is!

She invariably alludes me to put my work till last minute

Ok ok I tire I can't continue again I don't know how that guy does it!!!U should see how many tabs of I had to open..... Not! well just for a few words

this has to qualify me for most intellectual blogger for next years awards!

Procrastination, I don't even know where to start from, I'm the biggest procastinator I know and I give the excuse that I work better under pressure!!!OK working under pressure doesn't mean that I have to leave everything last minute!

I've tried writing everything I have to do down, so I know what I'm supposed to do but sometimes I don't know how the time manages to go buy sooo fast I think its the Duracell battery for the clock odikwa too strong!! How did I even come up with that excuse???

Ok so the thing is I do what I'm supposed to do but not when its supposed to be done!!

I was supposed to apply for a work permit, renew my study permit, Ive filled the forms and all but I don't know the spirit that is preventing me from going to the post office!

In fact I sweep that Spirit with the Broom of the Holy Ghost!

I remember last year, I applied for my re-entry Visa late, and I didn't get it back till the day I was leaving for Naij!!! Those 6weeks were the worst.

There's no number to call Canadian Immigration to find out the status of your application. Jesus became my bestest friend!!Everyday praying for the immediate release of my visa

After a while, I was like Tinu, bone you are going to have a white Christmas!!!Then my bigheaeded brother went to change his status on facebook saying he wishes I was home!! Just thinking of my family, all the parties, all the jollof rice,fried rice,plantain,gizzard,puff puff,small chops I would miss! and then doing my hair!Is it just me or doing your hair back home is the best thing since sliced bread???

I was back on my praying P!

Passport finally came back!Phewwwwww

Then I realized that I had to get a transit visa to go through Amsterdam which supposedly takes a week to process!!!mind you all the flights were booked till January 1st and I had booked my ticket back home in July(I'm not that bad of a proastinator am i?) To cut the long story short there was a new rule that some citizens of some countries Nigeria included didn't need a schengen transit visa!

Hmmmn at that moment I could be a choir master and a pastor, infact I wanted to open my own church!

Flight was delayed for 9 hours!!! I could'nt even complain cos I thought I was not going home!

I still haven't learnt my lesson I still procastinate!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Sweet Tooth!

I know I said I won't be back till Wednesday but I missed blogging

Congratulations to all the winers of the NBA!!!!
Blogging is way more addictive than facebook I tell you!!

I've kept off banana cakes and I CAN WAIT till lent is over so that I can devour all the ones I've given up for 40days and then have some ice cream!! and then drink water after!!

Didn't doctors tell us to drink water after every meal??shooo

I don't have a sweet tooth all my teeth are sweet!! I've had 6 teeth taken out, Ive had braces, had fillings in my teeth, had a root canal done!I have 24 teeth!!!yeah u can laugh at me!!
I'm actually thinking of being a shareholder in the dental hospital I go to!
But i still lovee sweeet stufff. I can actually qualify as a dentist now without going to school of dentistry!

If i list all the things I love!wo list yen o guuuuuuun bi turrrrd mailand bridge!

Cookies from Subway heaven sent I tell u!heaven sent!

Laura Secord Ice cream

shokolate cake

all sorts of cake,

Ben and Jerrry's ice cream

ice cream cake,

jelly beans


Oreos the one with the ice cream filling!

I go to the gym when the Lord lays it upon my heart to go!!! I should really work on that abi??

So tell me what do your sweet teeth crave?List all your cravings!

Very random post I know!

Till Wednesday... i hope!!



Can't belive a whole post was about food!!Jesus take the wheel!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Break in transmission!

Hey guys,
I'm really busy with school so I won't be blogging till next week wednesday!!!
Pls pray for me have a calculus test(the thorn in my flesh) on tuesday and a presentation that same day!!
Would be back blogging on wedneday!!!
dosen't the pic above remind you of that nta break in transmission especially when it made that ppppppppppppppooooooooooo sound!!hehe
Enjoy the rest of your week!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An Ode Wand and Flo

My family

My cousins

My sisters

I don't know exactly how we met

But hey u're in my lives and I'm glad you are

we've played with so many barbie dolls, had so many parties,

moved to so many houses

attended so many parties in Bola shadipe and in Ilupeju

had a dog called Lica and eaten so much gbegiri

and the numerous sleepovers

I remeber in Alaka when, one of our aunties used to force me to eat Amala!!!

I always dreaded aunty Olabisi not seeing my food finished

you both told me to close my eyes and finish it and before I knew it it was gone!

and when we always went to do our hair we always got the same style done

then my brother came along and well the love and attention I received was divided into 2!!!

Picking you up from fountain school

having the same lesson teachers, using all your old ugo c ugos and all your old notes

we've shared so much that I would never forget

Even though we are miles apart the love is still there

Even though I've made so many friends

I'll always love my Wand and Flo!

Happy birthday

Monday, March 16, 2009


Ok I'M in my computer science lab and i don't even know what I'm doing something about visual basic and I really and really do not understand!!!(Heaven help me)

ok so I just logged out of my yahoomail account and the mini feed read ' Nigerian Student gets 19 years jail for love scam" ok ok ok!! Is it only me that is geting sick and tired of all the embarassing things we see about Nigerians on the internet?

so what this olori buruku did was to tell a white woman that he was a white British man and that his wife and child had died in a car crash and he needed money. well the white lady was looking for love and he convinced her that he was her Mr Right! so she sent him money and he used the money to buy land a car!!!why do people do this to other people??? And I'm sure when he goes to church his own Halleluyah would be the loudest!!!hissss

I'm angry that they put it up on but the most annoying thing is why does it always have to be Nigerian having something to do with defrauding people why are these people giving us a bad name???? not only is it digraceful but also very embarassing!!

I'm not going to be naive and act like I don't know what is going on back home but why do our people have to go about defrauding people ???? ok i know nobody wants to sell purewater, or be a tailor everybody wants to drive a lovely car but hey those people driving those lovely cars most of them went to school and if you ask them today how they made it, the story might bring you to tears.

Well i know most bloggers won't be swaving people for their money but if u are ehn!!!!somebody else would swave that money that you swaved somebody of 10times fold o!!!!!hmmmn no ti so ti temi o!!!!( i have said my own)

we as Nigerians need to do something about it!!!

Ok back to my computer science lab!

would be back tomorow!!

Frienship Volume I

Hey Blogville,

Lapotop crashed ths weekend, had a test this morning(God please surprise me), off to a class now, so im blogging from the school library, ok the pictures aboveI found on google and I decided I was going to dedicate some posts to the people that add the sunshine to my life- my friends. some stories would definatley make you cry( i think), laugh and a bit of both.

Would be back bloging tomorow full time when the laptop returns

till then take care and have a fab week!



Saturday, March 14, 2009


Good morning beautiful people
Got up at 3:30pm this afternoon!It felt good waking up this late
Okay I need your advice o!

sha sha!!I really need to start standing up for my self, I need to toughen up, I need to stop marching to the store to get a call card to call my Mommy when the things happen to me and cry my eyes out!!I tell you i dnt know where i get all these my tears from, If crying could help somebody loose weight hewwwwooooo i shouldhave been a LEPA SHANDY! but on a serious note tho i relally need to stop being a cry baby bunty , i need stop letting things and people get the better side of me, i need to learn to stand up for myself and stop letting people walk over me like I'm a door mat,I need to stop calling my mother at odd times of the night to tell her somebody said and somebody did this to me(God bless all mommmies around the world)!!Okay I'm sure y'all are like this Tinu girl need to
GROW UP!!!I've admitted that i have this problem, but hmmmmmn would I toughen up???
What should i do??? If only my mommie could see what I've just written she would be sooo happy! that finally Ive seen what i need to do!!!!but hey she's my mommie and she has to listen to me whine its her job!!
Yes this post is going to turn to an ODE TO MY MOMMIE!!
kai i sound like a 5yr old !okay i won't do that today maybe on my birthday(gulp! next month)or on her own birthday
but hey what should i do???


I used to be a fan of Nigerian movies till i came to obodoyinbo and my love for them was taken from me by Canadian immigration along with my maggi!!!! hiss stupid people
O well my love for them has been restored o! im back to being a Nigerian movie Addict
I just watched Reloaded it was a beautiful movie!It dosen't beat Jenifa ( JENI BABY O JENI BABY O JENIFA!) well it kinda does cos it shows what we as women go through and Jesus take the wheel on what women go trough!phewwwww I won't even lie im actually scared of getting married cos I can see myself doing what Ini Edo did (her part in the movie tho ) I don't feel so confident about myself and then for somebody to come and put me down!O pari ni yen o!!!but.. Chale i said i wasn't going to say anything about the movie abi??okay i'll stop her for now but pls go and watch and be informed.
Apart from my love for Nigerian movies being restored... hold on a minute ( i just realised, see how my hand is flowing freely like a fly over a suya stand but when it iss time to write essay i automatically have writer's block or some my fingers loose their sense of touch) O well! why is it that double standards exist in this world??why is it that we women take so much from our husbands ( see me talking like i have one sha sha u get me) beatings,lying, cheating and then all we do is sit back and leave it to God!okay ive heard about the Virtuous woman in the Bible I
want to be like her and all but at the same time I won't mind having a nice black belt to boast of so when my husband thinks of cheating he would just be like "Wo i dnt want to risk it o cos that Tinu of a wiFe that i have she can pass as a substitute for Jackie Chan any day anytime!!yes o!I want to be just like that!hehehe I hope i'm not chasing any potential husband o!una come back i was just KIDDDDDIIIINGGG!!!
But really why do we all go through this and no im not going to give my 2cents on the Chrianna situation ok i will Pls everybody i mean everybody Oprah,Dr Phil, Nancy Grace abi is it Nancy Drew(no that's the book abi movie) yes everybody sould leave those 2 alone, where u in the car????? are any of you going out with either of them???Mba! so pls let them be, Let them settle their issues themselves and go to court and if they like they should write epistles together and sing as many songs as they wish LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!yes i have ranted and i'm done!!!phewww i feel soo much better now.If i see it one more time on bossip,theybf,mediatakeout or concreteloop I would swim back to my country!!!yes o as a Potaicut( Port Harcourt) girl that i am!
There's nothing like a perfect husband, nothing like a perfect wife,nothing like a perfect marriage, so I had better start getting myself ready, infact we should all be getting ourselves ready for the very bumpy ride MARRIAGE!no I'm not going to talk about marriage or weddingS(I LOVE WEDDINGS and I blame Omosewa) end of story! cos it's big girls talk and when i turn 20 something and somepeople start asking me when they are coming to pick aso-oke and ankara, or when they are coming to eat rice then i would talk about weddings but till then
I'm going to look for a KARATE OR TAEKWANDOO school! I KID I KID!

Have a wonderful weekend

I'm so sorry sometimes I'm just so excited about blogging that i don;t edit my work!!I'm sure you are all thinking how can Canadain Immigration allow this type of person enter the airport, and no i didnt swim to Canada!!!Infact my family name is WEBSTER!!!hehehe
so pardon my bad engish abi shelling!wharreva u want to call it!!!
Una biko I/m technologically callenged so go on youtube and type Reloaded 1-1 to watch the movie and go on from there!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


i no sabi count!!! in my previous post i had how many number 7's 2 abi 3???
no wonder popsie is always telling me to refund all the money he has spent on my head!!!i *cough cough* shelll once in a while
my roommates and i have one shell paper that we keep and guess what blogville im the secretary!!!!no im not the bad that i would be the president!!!!hmmmmmmn see them al about to laugh because Y'all think i shell!!!
NA wa o!!!
SO u see i dnt like my school rara atall!!! i know told my mother that u know i wanted a change of environment and that i was thinking of doing courses in another university and then tranferring them back here!!!
wo at that moment gbo gbo ori mi sha wa very confuseed ni!lati bo????
na wa o!!!!
sha sha i hexpalined to him that u know its not like that i just needed a change of environment!!!!
and all that!!!!he was AM i sure???!!!!!! like if they realy kicked me out of uni i would tell him!GODFORBID!!!
He inspires me to work hard!!! his village gave him scholarship to go to uni!!yes o he was one of the first people in his villa to go to obodoyinbo!!! i kid i kid well maybe he was!
he takes things easy and is very God fearing
He makes me laugh a lot i think i got that from him!!!like when i vex and im frowning he just says Tinu u look so beautiful !!!!! that just craks me up and i just stop boning!
He just makes situations less complicated than they are he's the communication btwn my mother and i!
there are just soo many ways to describe my daddie i reli jst dnt know what to say
all in all

I dnt know how I got here but im here!!!

Okay i really don't know why i started this blog maybe cos ive been inspired by so many others to blog, and i love to write or maybe this is the closest thing i have to facebook!!!
Ok so today i gave facebook up for Lent cos its like craaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!Mhopefully i can survive 40 days i just gave it up today!my own Lent just started hehe so 40 days from today or the day Lent ends i would be back on facebook!
So 20 things about myself SOOOOOO PROUD TO BE NIGERIAN!!! female 19 and scared to the bone about turning 20
4.i hate my uni:(
5. i love my family and friends dearly
6.I LOVE FOOD!!!!!i serously think i need help
7. i cry at the drop of a hat!!!when im watching oprah,when i read some books,when things happen to other people(and its not affecting me o),when i fail at doing things, u get my drift sha!
8. i love my MOMMIE!!! i don't know how i can ever survive without that woman even though we fight most of the time
7 i love my daddie too!!
8.I gave up banana cake for lent recently and i dnt know how 4 ended up in my system!!i swear everytime i walk down the food court in school they SHOUT MY NAME!!!!!
9.i keep my friends really close and put them above myself sometimes!!!
10, i hate snow even tho im in the snow capital of the world!
11. i hate math well when it starts getting hard i hate it.
12.i love making people laugh!!!(hopefully i can do that writing)
13. im trying really hard to build my confidence
14. I love Beyonce!i dnt know how people can hate such a beautiful,talented,(im short of words) woman!!! alredi getting bored of blogging sef
16, i REJECt the anti-bloggsing spirit from me!!!!!
17. i have only one brother and even though we dnt talk that often I love him!
18.i have this feeling that im related to Becky Bloomwood!!!!
19. i love perfume and jewlry and clothes and shoes and shopping
20. I get very bored very easily and i hope i dnt get tired of blogging!!!!
21. I miss Mr fineboy!
that's it for today hopefully i have the time and the patience to blog a bit more!
i JUST Hope i put a smile on everybody's face when they come here!!!
thats all for now