Friday, March 20, 2009

Sweet Tooth!

I know I said I won't be back till Wednesday but I missed blogging

Congratulations to all the winers of the NBA!!!!
Blogging is way more addictive than facebook I tell you!!

I've kept off banana cakes and I CAN WAIT till lent is over so that I can devour all the ones I've given up for 40days and then have some ice cream!! and then drink water after!!

Didn't doctors tell us to drink water after every meal??shooo

I don't have a sweet tooth all my teeth are sweet!! I've had 6 teeth taken out, Ive had braces, had fillings in my teeth, had a root canal done!I have 24 teeth!!!yeah u can laugh at me!!
I'm actually thinking of being a shareholder in the dental hospital I go to!
But i still lovee sweeet stufff. I can actually qualify as a dentist now without going to school of dentistry!

If i list all the things I love!wo list yen o guuuuuuun bi turrrrd mailand bridge!

Cookies from Subway heaven sent I tell u!heaven sent!

Laura Secord Ice cream

shokolate cake

all sorts of cake,

Ben and Jerrry's ice cream

ice cream cake,

jelly beans


Oreos the one with the ice cream filling!

I go to the gym when the Lord lays it upon my heart to go!!! I should really work on that abi??

So tell me what do your sweet teeth crave?List all your cravings!

Very random post I know!

Till Wednesday... i hope!!



Can't belive a whole post was about food!!Jesus take the wheel!


Anonymous said...

Subway cookies....h-e-a-v-e-n.
but my weakness:
DQ strawberry cheesecake blizzard!
Yes i said it!

Buttercup said...

i just had to come to ur blog, u being my powerpuff sis and funny enough u r my sister's namesake! weird, huh?

u've taken out 6

im the queen of sweet teeth but i havent taken one out! i like to believe im

my cravings..chocolate, chocolate cake, chocchip cookies, in fact anything with chocolate in it, muffins, brownies..i dont crave ice cream as much as before..

nice blog!

Kemberly said...

A girl after m y own heart!!! I smiled thru the whole post!!! dentist and I are best friends! I've had soooo many dental procedures too...I can't even count or keep track!

SouLBoutiQue said...

Root Canal's cant count how may I've had done, and i need lke 3 more fill-ins...sad! And I unfortunately Had my braces while in University ... luckily they were clear. and um Subway cookies are the best. ask them to warm them for like 10 secs, and you'll feel like your in greediness is getting ridiculous.

Tinu said...

@Anon pls don't lead me into DQ temptation!!!
@Buttercup!my blog sis!!1hehe i know it is very weird!!
@Kemberly my dentist's daughter became one of my good friends!!
@Ag the one and onl root canal i got was HEEELLLLL!!it hurt soo bad!but mba i will never stop eating sweet stuff!!!!