Monday, March 16, 2009


Ok I'M in my computer science lab and i don't even know what I'm doing something about visual basic and I really and really do not understand!!!(Heaven help me)

ok so I just logged out of my yahoomail account and the mini feed read ' Nigerian Student gets 19 years jail for love scam" ok ok ok!! Is it only me that is geting sick and tired of all the embarassing things we see about Nigerians on the internet?

so what this olori buruku did was to tell a white woman that he was a white British man and that his wife and child had died in a car crash and he needed money. well the white lady was looking for love and he convinced her that he was her Mr Right! so she sent him money and he used the money to buy land a car!!!why do people do this to other people??? And I'm sure when he goes to church his own Halleluyah would be the loudest!!!hissss

I'm angry that they put it up on but the most annoying thing is why does it always have to be Nigerian having something to do with defrauding people why are these people giving us a bad name???? not only is it digraceful but also very embarassing!!

I'm not going to be naive and act like I don't know what is going on back home but why do our people have to go about defrauding people ???? ok i know nobody wants to sell purewater, or be a tailor everybody wants to drive a lovely car but hey those people driving those lovely cars most of them went to school and if you ask them today how they made it, the story might bring you to tears.

Well i know most bloggers won't be swaving people for their money but if u are ehn!!!!somebody else would swave that money that you swaved somebody of 10times fold o!!!!!hmmmn no ti so ti temi o!!!!( i have said my own)

we as Nigerians need to do something about it!!!

Ok back to my computer science lab!

would be back tomorow!!


Writefreak said...

All them scams irritate me, a lot of those pple sure give naija a bad name but trust me, internet scam is not only unique to Nigerians, it's everywhere!

And i always say only greedy people (and sometimes desperate people) fall into the hands of scammers!

RocNaija said...

Yeah I just read something about this as well on naijagirl's blog..

One oyinbo even came there to justify why and what.. who got plea bargain and who didn't..

The thing that gets me is this guy in Australia who raped his daughter for 24 years will only get 6yrs in prison..

Is his a lesser crime than that of a scammer??

Pscheeewww awon oniranu!
*kindly interpret*

Tinu said...

@writefreak the australian woman was looking for love!well the worst place to find love is on the internet!!!
thanks for stopping by tho!
@Rocnaija that man shouls face firing squad!!!!!
awon oniranu means unserious people!!

Chi-Chi said...

you must have been really annoyed to blog about this during class

Till our country gets better and everyone is sure of a promising future
Then this would stop, HOPEFULLY!