Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Most Intellectual blogger parraps?

I told you all that I was going to have a Wole Soyinka post!That is to asserverate that I would be putting to use my grammatical skills realized over the years

Today I shall buncombe about adjourning activities till later dates and disadvantageousness of being a procastinator!

As a scholar in the tertiary academy, procastination is an amigo of mine!!Oh yes she is!

She invariably alludes me to put my work till last minute

Ok ok I tire I can't continue again I don't know how that guy does it!!!U should see how many tabs of I had to open..... Not! well just for a few words

this has to qualify me for most intellectual blogger for next years awards!

Procrastination, I don't even know where to start from, I'm the biggest procastinator I know and I give the excuse that I work better under pressure!!!OK working under pressure doesn't mean that I have to leave everything last minute!

I've tried writing everything I have to do down, so I know what I'm supposed to do but sometimes I don't know how the time manages to go buy sooo fast I think its the Duracell battery for the clock odikwa too strong!! How did I even come up with that excuse???

Ok so the thing is I do what I'm supposed to do but not when its supposed to be done!!

I was supposed to apply for a work permit, renew my study permit, Ive filled the forms and all but I don't know the spirit that is preventing me from going to the post office!

In fact I sweep that Spirit with the Broom of the Holy Ghost!

I remember last year, I applied for my re-entry Visa late, and I didn't get it back till the day I was leaving for Naij!!! Those 6weeks were the worst.

There's no number to call Canadian Immigration to find out the status of your application. Jesus became my bestest friend!!Everyday praying for the immediate release of my visa

After a while, I was like Tinu, bone you are going to have a white Christmas!!!Then my bigheaeded brother went to change his status on facebook saying he wishes I was home!! Just thinking of my family, all the parties, all the jollof rice,fried rice,plantain,gizzard,puff puff,small chops I would miss! and then doing my hair!Is it just me or doing your hair back home is the best thing since sliced bread???

I was back on my praying P!

Passport finally came back!Phewwwwww

Then I realized that I had to get a transit visa to go through Amsterdam which supposedly takes a week to process!!!mind you all the flights were booked till January 1st and I had booked my ticket back home in July(I'm not that bad of a proastinator am i?) To cut the long story short there was a new rule that some citizens of some countries Nigeria included didn't need a schengen transit visa!

Hmmmn at that moment I could be a choir master and a pastor, infact I wanted to open my own church!

Flight was delayed for 9 hours!!! I could'nt even complain cos I thought I was not going home!

I still haven't learnt my lesson I still procastinate!



Cece.. said...

Lol, Only Wole can do Wole.
My dear, i am also a last minute person long as you get it for open church naa, i fit come.
you never know, this intellectual blogger thing fit work oh! 50 YEARS FROM NOW!
LOL. joking

JustDB said...

Wonderful!!!!!!! What... I'm sure even the great Wole himself would blush on your behalf!

Bibi said...

I alos cast and bind that spirit for you! lol. its kinda cute though

Tinu said...

@Cece Next years NBA!!!
@JustDB THANK U!!!
@Bibi! Amen
thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I dont know why but I feel like I know u. Anyhoos welcome its midnight here and sleep aludes me and I really dont want to write another poem. Anyhoos Hello tinu and I cast away all the spirit of pracratination by fire.
I am tired.
I go come laters

Tininu said...

I dont know if it is the way you write but there is just something that seems slighlty cute about you(maybe it is pink font), i meant that in a non-hitting on you kinda way!!!

the praying p!! i just cant stop laughing at that

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!