Saturday, March 14, 2009


I used to be a fan of Nigerian movies till i came to obodoyinbo and my love for them was taken from me by Canadian immigration along with my maggi!!!! hiss stupid people
O well my love for them has been restored o! im back to being a Nigerian movie Addict
I just watched Reloaded it was a beautiful movie!It dosen't beat Jenifa ( JENI BABY O JENI BABY O JENIFA!) well it kinda does cos it shows what we as women go through and Jesus take the wheel on what women go trough!phewwwww I won't even lie im actually scared of getting married cos I can see myself doing what Ini Edo did (her part in the movie tho ) I don't feel so confident about myself and then for somebody to come and put me down!O pari ni yen o!!!but.. Chale i said i wasn't going to say anything about the movie abi??okay i'll stop her for now but pls go and watch and be informed.
Apart from my love for Nigerian movies being restored... hold on a minute ( i just realised, see how my hand is flowing freely like a fly over a suya stand but when it iss time to write essay i automatically have writer's block or some my fingers loose their sense of touch) O well! why is it that double standards exist in this world??why is it that we women take so much from our husbands ( see me talking like i have one sha sha u get me) beatings,lying, cheating and then all we do is sit back and leave it to God!okay ive heard about the Virtuous woman in the Bible I
want to be like her and all but at the same time I won't mind having a nice black belt to boast of so when my husband thinks of cheating he would just be like "Wo i dnt want to risk it o cos that Tinu of a wiFe that i have she can pass as a substitute for Jackie Chan any day anytime!!yes o!I want to be just like that!hehehe I hope i'm not chasing any potential husband o!una come back i was just KIDDDDDIIIINGGG!!!
But really why do we all go through this and no im not going to give my 2cents on the Chrianna situation ok i will Pls everybody i mean everybody Oprah,Dr Phil, Nancy Grace abi is it Nancy Drew(no that's the book abi movie) yes everybody sould leave those 2 alone, where u in the car????? are any of you going out with either of them???Mba! so pls let them be, Let them settle their issues themselves and go to court and if they like they should write epistles together and sing as many songs as they wish LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!yes i have ranted and i'm done!!!phewww i feel soo much better now.If i see it one more time on bossip,theybf,mediatakeout or concreteloop I would swim back to my country!!!yes o as a Potaicut( Port Harcourt) girl that i am!
There's nothing like a perfect husband, nothing like a perfect wife,nothing like a perfect marriage, so I had better start getting myself ready, infact we should all be getting ourselves ready for the very bumpy ride MARRIAGE!no I'm not going to talk about marriage or weddingS(I LOVE WEDDINGS and I blame Omosewa) end of story! cos it's big girls talk and when i turn 20 something and somepeople start asking me when they are coming to pick aso-oke and ankara, or when they are coming to eat rice then i would talk about weddings but till then
I'm going to look for a KARATE OR TAEKWANDOO school! I KID I KID!

Have a wonderful weekend

I'm so sorry sometimes I'm just so excited about blogging that i don;t edit my work!!I'm sure you are all thinking how can Canadain Immigration allow this type of person enter the airport, and no i didnt swim to Canada!!!Infact my family name is WEBSTER!!!hehehe
so pardon my bad engish abi shelling!wharreva u want to call it!!!
Una biko I/m technologically callenged so go on youtube and type Reloaded 1-1 to watch the movie and go on from there!


Anonymous said...

lol..Tinu kan ..NL kan *wink*

Anonymous said...

I like this one...u can be funny at times sha..very soon you will be like me..keep trying! But allow them to talk about chrianna(tinu how did u come about that name)??? mschew...its creating awareness for girls around the world.......keep blogging hun...its keeping me fun...:)

Anonymous said...

welcome ohhh tinu..dis ur name is sexy sha....pls we all knw dat mrs nwoye didnt help its ok if u gbosa once in a be counting....l
luv ya babe

Kemberly said...

I've seen RELOADED. I LOVED THAT MOVIE! I've seen it a few times...and it's sad what Nigerian men do...

Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

Im going to watch that fil reloaded now , just came acros your blog ....check mine out x

Tinu said...

@ Kemberly its very sad!!!!
@ Miss Fly High thanks for stopping by!I would!

Anonymous said...

Going to watch reloaded now!
My own na opposite. i wasn't into 9ja movies since Oracle (old movie with Pete Edoiche). that movie gve me nightmares as a kid i swear.
But JENFIA restored my faith in Nigerian movies (after keeping faith).
Loving your blog!
keep doing u.....