Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I dnt know how I got here but im here!!!

Okay i really don't know why i started this blog maybe cos ive been inspired by so many others to blog, and i love to write or maybe this is the closest thing i have to facebook!!!
Ok so today i gave facebook up for Lent cos its like craaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!Mhopefully i can survive 40 days i just gave it up today!my own Lent just started hehe so 40 days from today or the day Lent ends i would be back on facebook!
So 20 things about myself SOOOOOO PROUD TO BE NIGERIAN!!! female 19 and scared to the bone about turning 20
4.i hate my uni:(
5. i love my family and friends dearly
6.I LOVE FOOD!!!!!i serously think i need help
7. i cry at the drop of a hat!!!when im watching oprah,when i read some books,when things happen to other people(and its not affecting me o),when i fail at doing things, u get my drift sha!
8. i love my MOMMIE!!! i don't know how i can ever survive without that woman even though we fight most of the time
7 i love my daddie too!!
8.I gave up banana cake for lent recently and i dnt know how 4 ended up in my system!!i swear everytime i walk down the food court in school they SHOUT MY NAME!!!!!
9.i keep my friends really close and put them above myself sometimes!!!
10, i hate snow even tho im in the snow capital of the world!
11. i hate math well when it starts getting hard i hate it.
12.i love making people laugh!!!(hopefully i can do that writing)
13. im trying really hard to build my confidence
14. I love Beyonce!i dnt know how people can hate such a beautiful,talented,(im short of words) woman!!! alredi getting bored of blogging sef
16, i REJECt the anti-bloggsing spirit from me!!!!!
17. i have only one brother and even though we dnt talk that often I love him!
18.i have this feeling that im related to Becky Bloomwood!!!!
19. i love perfume and jewlry and clothes and shoes and shopping
20. I get very bored very easily and i hope i dnt get tired of blogging!!!!
21. I miss Mr fineboy!
that's it for today hopefully i have the time and the patience to blog a bit more!
i JUST Hope i put a smile on everybody's face when they come here!!!
thats all for now


Anonymous said...

hahahah..knt wait to read this blog..amke sure u update it..
ur booo from hamilton..

Anonymous said...

Ur daddy is funny tinu..did ur school ask u to leave? haa...Nice way to take ur mid off things..xx

Anonymous said...

Lmao...u gave up banana cake for lent and still ate eat? ode..and then ur own forty days is customized?? I love u too..x

tin-tin said...

something is strangely familiar about you....i am not buying this your new blog( or pretending it is not new story)

Tinu said...

It is a new blog!!!tin tin! send me an email then we can discuss from there!nice meeting you btw!

tin- said...

just tried sending email, message returned, apprently email addy is incorrect!!!

Tinu said...

that was my school email address

virgos lounge said...

i love Beyonce too...amazing talent and person..welcome to blogsville...well u didnt just start but you get worimean...:-)

Tinu said...

thank u virgos lounge!!!!

Anonymous said...

this is cool....a good way to express urself!!!!

juiceegal said...

Wow babe we hv so much in common its scary.
1st im also 19 female nd scared of turnin 20,i have just one brother too,i just strtd bloggin too,hate maths,love food,shoppin nd beyonce.
Nice blog tho,hpe we cn b gud frnds here on blogsville,make sure u check out my blog nd follow it(dats an