Thursday, March 26, 2009

And I was tagged!

I was tagged by Miss FlyHigh!

oh well she tagged me and I;m supposed to write ten things about myself

1)I miss my grandpa SO much, today is his birthday but he's not here anymore:O(

2)I have only one brother, he read the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers, and he was asked who he would die for and he put my name!!Our fights are worse that that of Tom and Jerry.So when I'm down I just remember that there is someone who loves me and would die for me!!I like not love my brother!hehe

3)When I was in Js1 I went to report a girl to my teacher, that she never used to talk to me,9yrs later we are the best of friends, another girl became my friend because of one hairstyle that she did, okay in my school we had to have between 12-30 plaits and she did one hairstyle pineapple abi is it roundabout and one plait was sticking out at the top of her head and the seniors counted it as one!! ROFLMAO! but you should see her now BABE!!!!!!!!, and another one of my friends, she was class captain 6yrs straight I used to vote for her so she won't write my name in the list of noise makers but she still did!! tschewww We are still friends tho!

4)I love making people laugh, I try to on this blog, but i don't think its working!

5)I very very self-conscious drives my friends nuts!!!

6) I'm down with the flu but I had cheesecake blizzard( Father deliver me from my sweet tooth) and today at its -3 outside!

7)When I get married, I want to have triplets all girls!!!!! yep and I've already designed their nursery, the walls are going to be light yellow and white with a winnie the pooh theme!

8)I really wish I wasn't so shy especially around guys, its like I don't have a tongue!!!it pisses my friends off alot!!but hey I can't help it

9)I haven't watched the movie 300, don't kill me I shall go and watch it soon!, I hated Dark Knight tschewww perfect waste of my time and money !Maybe because I didn't understand, I'd rather watch Bride Wars, Hairspray,Marley and Me, and the likes!

10)I pray everyday that my children do not turn out like me, because if they do, I'm in trouble!!!!,got in trouble soo many times in Secondary school for noise making that if my name wasn't on the list of nosie makers I definately wasn't in school that day!and they still made me prefect o!Labour prefect!!

I hereby tag Tininu,Mizchif and Blithesome


Cece.. said...

So did u like it? the cheesecake blizzard? how can you say you didn't like The Dark Knight. i have the DVD and watch it every it!
just remember, you are funny( well to me, and trust me i know funny when i see it). get over the flu, gurl, for my sake.keep doing your thang. u were a perfect? wow! wonders shall never cease to end.

Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

hello madam ,

the name is miss flyhigh or LondonsNaijaChick .... hope u won't forget sha lol

no.8 is the same about me!! you think by now I would ber very confident with guys but i thinks like the shyness anyways lol i suppose its cool right ..

bless u about ur grandpa, so sweet .. x

Tinu said...

@Cece I want more I was so disciplined today I had a small!!!tschewww
@Miss FlyHigh I won't forget ur name yeah I wish it was cool!
thanks for stopping by!

doug said...

Awwww your brother is gangsta! You need to love that boy more and stop forming Icewoman. lol

Thanks for stopping by mine

That cartoon is hilarious

RocNaija said...

Nice list..
Lol @ being shy around guys...

So since you want all female kids.. any room in there for what the man might want by any chance?

What if he wants three male triplets? Or better yet.. Wants to adopt?!


The experiences of an achiever....... said...

first time on ur intellectual blogger post..lmao!! u definitely have my vote for next yr!


fab n funny

Anonymous said...

*raises hand*

first time here!

LOL...ur funny...I dunno what u mean abt nt makin us laugh o....and I think ur queer in a cute sorta way...wld love to stalk your blog from now on....

Tinu said...

@doug thanks for stopping by
@rocnaija i must have those female triplets o!!by force by fire
@Secret diary thank u
@Chari thank u!