Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getting my blog Mojo back

Hi guys
cheii its been too long
theres just tooo much going on with school and work(yes o I'm now part of the labour force which reminds me I can now call my parents by their name, they said I could when I got a job I keed I keed)
seriously I'm at work blogging o, and its only my second day God please don't let them fire me I promise not to blog again just let me finish this post.
So on thurday went to get my nails done and there this little girl that comes in with her mom to get her nails done, yes people she got a manicure and the works ( i sound like all these village women bt should girls at age 7 be getting manicures???i think not)
lets just say I remebered when I decided to pain my own nails (you see you people its when I see something that I can relate to that is when I decide to blog) so I painted my nails with this bright red colour and trust my gangsta mother to flip I was abt 7 at the time
Mama Tinu: Ki n to laju mi lo fi obe isu fa nail polish yen (before I open my eyes go and use the knife for cutting yam to scrape off the nail polish)
well after the crying and mommie I'm sorry and it would never happen again and I would never use nail polish till I'm 21 she let me use nail polish remover and lets just say I fianlly got approval to paint my nails and shape my eyebrows when I finished secondary school just in time for prom.(yes I had prom)
*Can you guys remember when we first started reading, getting ready for primary school
Queen's premier
We go up, up we go
the cat is fat
the fat cat sat on the mat
* Ali and Simbi , Ali goes to school and the other stories
*Simbi and her puff puff hair
*Brighter Grammar
*and pls why did some teachers just use us to catch trips telling us to march to class leeefff riiiiiii lefff riiiiiii forward march waaan twoo.
*when we got to class we would start reciting 2 times table to 12 times table, states and capitals, masculine and feminine, word and opposites and the likes
* when a teacher walked in to class
class captain: class greeet
class: GOOOOOOOOOODDDMOOOOORRRRRRRNING Mr Ugbodu( my math teacher in Corona)
*end of school song Good bye teacher good bye friends good bye everybody we are going home!

PS the Nigerian Blogger Awards is coming up so pls just keep you eyes and ears, laptop and computers Open!!hehehe
Blogsville your girl is back
have an awesome week