Friday, July 3, 2009

My knight in shining armor

It seems as if I haven't blogged in forever!
well to be honest I haven't had anything to talk about,ooh yeah I passed my exams!!!phewwwwww!thank u all!!
ooh I forgot to say Hi!, well Hi,
hope ur all good!
kai these artificial nails i went to put on my hand are gettting stuck in the keyboard!tschewww im enjoying them sha!!
OH I've left that village where my school is and I'm in ontario!fine boys everywhere,on the bus, on the road,as in fine black boys!!my Garrrd, yes o I havent seen fine black boys in 6 months!!!after my encounter with Vanilla I definately do need some SHOKORATE!!!(chocolate)
Mehhhhn my brother is growing up o!
He just finished secondary school, I'm sooo proud of him,they a leavers ball and you should have seen my yamhead(brother)looking like a somebody!!I fear o and I started thinking
is this the same boy who when he was 2 and my mom was trying to change him he sprayed pee into her mouth????obviously by mistake and he was laffing like a hyena!hehe
is this the same boy that used to scream like a girl?
is this the same boy that I hid mommie's canes with behind the freezer?
is this the same boy that used to win dancing competition at parties?and was crazy about being like Usher,Genuwine Micheal Jackson(RIP) and anybody else that used to dance like crazy??
is this the same boy that bowed and courtseyd at the same time during a corona valentine concert??it was funny o!
is this the same boy that taught me how to ride a bicycle?
oooh tooo many memories with this boy!!
well people in those pictures he was looking like a MAN!!gosh my baby brother is growing up!
ehen o jare!!!he had earrings in his ear(duh) and his hair had friction(is that how to say it)!!and he was wearing this grey suit with his tie well done and his shirt tucked in!!
I could believe mine eyes!!this was the boy that for 3years in Whitesands school I helped him knot his tie every morning!!and teachers called my mom about his constant untidiness!!!!

A few months ago he asked my parents to increase his pocket money why?because he had a girlfriend at the time!and he had to be bying her stuff!
Oooh and another time he sent my mom a text and he was like that she should pray for him, she was worried so she called him back, and he told her that there was this girl that he liked but she didn't like him so she should tell God to give him a change of heart???so that she can like him!!!
and then the kwensions started "Tinu where is you boyfriend"like as if there is a store where black,tall,handsome,educated,between the ages of 22-27,God fearing,fluent in english,doing his masters,no baby mama drama,with plenty money and soo on are sold?
pls if u know where I can get this fantastic package are sold,CALLL ME O!!!!or send me an email !!!or better still leave ur email addresses in the comment box!!Thanks and God bless 1,000 fold in advance!!
Well I;m happy my brother is growing up, bt kai is too soon now!!!
I'm vey happy and proud of him, and I pray that God would continue to guide and protect him in evrything he does, and the God would drive any golddigging woman that would want to come and finish his money when he grows up in Jesus Name!!!AMEEEN!!!
Oh and Mama Tinu called we spoke for about 30mins and then she sent me a text, I cant sleep want to chat on facebook???and that I should help her upload a pic!!
Mike Zuckerberg biko there should be age restriction on facebook now!dnt u think people are wasting ur time,taking up ur cyberspace, that they check once in four months!

have a great weekend people!
pls recommend shows that I can watch and books that I can read, pls o these books should'nt be the ones that I would need to have a dictionary beside me to enjoy them o!!


Anonymous said...

lol @ more pocket money because of a girlfriend..They dont even fear again!!
My little brother graduating primary school is still tripping me as in little rat of yesterday..kai

Sassy Trends said...

WELCOME BACK LUV...So gud to have you back on blogsville, seems like evryone

Black fyne boyz ke?
Tinu so ara e o... I don talk my own.


The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Omo de ana oki pe dagba; looking at my eight year sis also brings back such memories.

Have a wonderful weekend too.

chayoma said...

Nne fine boys u say! abeg grab for me and you abi na you and i.
u passsed! YAY! that ur brother self, money for girlfriend upkeep! lol.
missing u ....make sure u r having fun for the both of us!

Nice Anon said...

LOL how old is this your brother? Eyaaa

Sir Scribbles II said...

Now now Tinu...u know there is no store that can have me in stock *wink* lol. However if u take a number we can reserve Sir Scribbles 4 pick up later lol!

My younger bro called me last week...claimed he wanted to be a rapper...I shud blog about that sef lol....cos I nearly broke his neck through the phone...after dem don pump money into education u want to now be ranting about bitches nd bling...nonsense!!!

Anonymous said...

lol...i love ur brother!!!lol...we used to knot tie in school too,it was fun!!lol.even though i didnt no how to at first.

read..'the gift' by julie garwood.
and u can watch a couple of episodes from 'friends' on youtube!

HRM said...

tell ur broda HRM sends him royal congratulatuios from the 'amazing' city of windsor


good look...

i remember my own graduation too

o well..time flies~

Chi-Chi said...

cool stuff!
my brother even went to whitesand sef
I know mehn, I look at him and gradually he's growing into a man.
we lead them into the hands of the Lord to become better people