Saturday, July 4, 2009

Igbo people I give una hand!

Igbo kwenu
Kwenu Ezu
Hi People
Today is a day I would never forget in a long time
First of all Ibo people I give una hand!!!!
I tasted nkwobi and isi ewu today
my first time tasting both
at first I was scared cos I don't like vegetables and I'm a fried or jollof rice with dodo,moin moin and meat thank you kinda person
ooh and for starters I had goat meat peppersoup!!!
I hope your mouths are watering
The Nkwobi was spaiiizyy according to the waitress, it was in like this traditional bowl,kai I was too damn hungry to take a picture,because chewing gum was my breakfast and lunch,so infact all the worms in my stomach were cursing me and I had to act fast before they started cursing my parents so I took the first spoon!!
which was HEEEEEEEEEAAAVEN, it was reli spaaaizzzy as in the pepper,but mehn I just had to form even though steam was coming out of my ears and my nose was running!!it was too much o!!

ehen back to the nkwobi,it was GOOOD i said that alread abi
ooh I even had dodo sef,
I actually combined the plantain and nkwobi and it came out really well
Ok time to tell you about the isi ewu
Yes I know I'm a real alajeki, eat until you faint but when next would I see this kind of tin!!
so yeah the isi ewu wasnt as spaiizzzy as nkwobi
so I dealt with that one too
mind you there were other people on the table that were sharing the food with me
so I'm really not that bad of an alajeki
then I washed it down with a nice cold bottle of izzzee warrra!!
I have to learn how to make this thing o!!!
I can make stew,jollof rice,fried rice,white rice, I can boil water(a necessity in households mind you),yam fry plantain and I can bake cake!
so I have to add nkwobi and isi ewu to my list
and also eforiro,efoelegusi,okoro,ogbono,afiafere and all those other things
Ok I won't ask why women have to know how to cook all these things
but why do we have to???
Can't we be like the oyinbos and know how to microwave or make
hamburger helper,lasagna,pizza pockets and co
I swear there would be no more fighting in the african household!!
there's even a yoruba movie that I watched, and the morale of the story was that women have to know how to cook and take care of their husbands and my mother sent it to me!
Oh well, right now if I was in a pool I would probably sink, yes sink!!!I'm that full!!
Ok im getting tired, I'm still thinking of that nkwobi o!!
ok then Kachifo (im trying o)

PS the girls of the Kokomansion should be called razzolletts!


yinkuslolo said...

it seems those koko mansion girls are misbehaving big time. yemi just called them out on her blog. imma need to watch a bit of it asap.

knowing how to cook is important but not a necessity in our times.

Sulihp said...

ahahah to kokomansion babes..i cudn't even watch it
but we have to commend them for being real

i dey jelous you here eating burgers, and ur enjoying life, it's not fair:(

Sulihp said...

P.S....FOORRRSSSTTTT!!!! woooop!

Lolia said...

Nah b, you were second...Tinu has comment moderation...

Tinu, LOL @ razzolettes! As in, I really don't know what to say about those people again...

Oh and I want nkwobi too! :(

Nice Anon said...

Ha hheheehehe but how come a "taken" dude is buying you nkwobi? And you are busy checking him out too? Yes nkwobi is where it is at. I miss home because of things like that.

Nice Anon said...

No be ibo na Igbo. No make i vex for you oo

chayoma said...

Chai, this gurl i go butcher ur head use am make my own nkwobi! so u abandoned me to eat isi ewu. i don't blame you. I for do the same thing too... now my mouth dey water like watering can...i miss ur cakes. :(

On kokomansion, that Rita chick na correct razzolette no be small...

mizchif said...

Now i need to intensify my search!!

Must eat NKWOBI b4 i leave!!!

NaijaBabe said...

LOL alajeki. Haven't heard that in a while.

But my mouth is watering, what is this now?

Sassy Trends said...

Lmao... alajeki ke?! Mo gbo tuntun oooo! Lmao!!!
Anyway, use to think your name should rhyme with the word "Tontolo"... that is "Tinu Tontolo" coupled with that profile pics of yours but guess I'm so so wrong.. cos you definaitely cannot be a tontolo while gulping down all these...

Go go gurl...

blogoratti said...

Might need to go on a diet...eating up all that food,hehe.

Kemberly said...

ur such a foodie like me!loves it!

p.s: how do u watch kokomansion?

faB!! said...

Those Koko Mansion girls.....uuuggh!! I'm guesing razzolettes is the best name for them I've come across so!!

I like nkwobi and isi ewu too. Glad you liked it.
And yea... u r trying with ur Kachifo!!

Jisie ike!!(Ride on well)

Anonymous said...

lol...yea oh...igbo im late..lmao.

Toni Tones said...

lol....glad 2 find some1 who loves food as much as i do...well almost :)

Buttercup said...

Lol.. I'm yet to taste either. I still haven't seen this Koko Mansion thing o!

uNWrItten* said...

ahhhh uve tasted nkwobi! tha thing is heaven mehn!!!.one of the joys of being
free the kokomansion babes oo...espeically thats my babe...
thanks for visiting my blog dear

Chi-Chi said...

well thank you Lol
I'm proud to be igbo and im glad you enjoyed our food : )