Monday, July 13, 2009

Sweet Stew and other stories!

Hey People
Im soo angry at myself
So i decided to be a good samaritan and cook stew for my friend
blended the tomato and tatashe and all the other ish
boiled chicken and meat
it ws looking good if I do say so myself
then time to put the spices!
KNORR went in,pepper went in,curry and thyme flew in as well
so waiting for it to boil
and oh "salt" went in as well
ahn ahn something is missing in this stew poured more "salt" in
my friend to went to taste and she said something was missing so more "salt"
the stew was tasting sweet!!!!!
so i decided to taste the "salt" I was putting in and found out it was sugar!
wait o
the sugar was beside pepper now and all the other condiments that flew in!!!
Imagine if my mother was here!
First she would slap the taste out of my mouth and then slap the black out of me
and then make sure I finish the stew I made!it would be my food for the week!
eat it with rice, with anthing she can think of cos If i ever throw her food away!
hmmmmn I dnt know who would beg for me o!
Have I told you about the time I threw her food away?
So I hated eba when I was younger, and that day I told Aunty Imabong that I wasn't going to eat!
so momsie came back and Aunty Imabong told her that I didnt eat my eba!
trust her she told Imabong to bring out the eba, which by now was as hard as a rock!with cold okro!!!!!
oh well back to the story
so she went into her room and then I threw it in the bin, OMG!
Slaps,came from the left and right,then she spoke in yoruba how some children dont have food, and then she proceeded to tell me that I should eat the food from the bin!yes o and she meant it!!!and there was other ish inside!
sha sha the plumber begged for me and I didnt eat it! then I went to bed without food!
yes o my mother was gangsta!
Sha sha my friend saved her stew she put ugu leaves and crayfish!



Lolia said...

LOL I can't believe you were pouring sugar instead of salt! And omg your mom sounds like mine...She would make me eat that food ehn, it wouldn't even be funny!

Anonymous said...

How you take do the stew...hehe...Do they have similar packaging? U guys have ugu leaves and crayfish and tatashe????y'ALL are enjoying

Anonymous said...

Lmao..You are...incredible!! Sugar instead of salt..Lawd I dunno what my mother would do to me, but your description of what yours would d to you sounds close enough!!

bob-ij said...

lol...heheheh...thanks goodness it wasn't sister would have eaten my funny. poor you!

p.s. I hated and still hate eba... urgghh


Sassy Trends said...

yes o.. to state th eobvious me love your momma..lmao.. ano nonsense momma.

How u go go throway eba for bin?
Na for bin you for take chop am..lmao..

And besides thank God your friend saved her stew sha..good

How you dey?
Been a while.


chayoma said...

Ha, ur husband to be better beware oh!
Is this how u have been cooking for me all this time, eh Tinu?
Ur momsie na true gangsta

Sir Scribbles II said...

HAHA!! And see me complaining that I put sugar in rice lol. I feel justified now. Dudes who invented salt and sugar should have made dem different clours jo...see as dem dey confuse pple

Anonymous said...

lol...i used to waste a lot of food too back home even now sef...and my mum used to tell me that it was a sin..i felt so bad eh but i cldnt help myself!!

Ms Fly said...

Hahahahaha that's too funny and my mouth was really watering at your description of the ingredients that you were going into that stew prior to the sugar flying in. I've got a blog especially dedicated to Naija/ African food, check it out ;-)

deola said...

This is nice

Honeywell said...

lol!!!! omo mehn, thank God for that plumber oh! and thank God you realised it was sugar you were pouring in... nothing like channeling the wrath of a mother to make one quickly change their mistakes :)

Afronuts said...


Gosh ur mama harsh like that?

Vera Ezimora said...


Some people should not be in the kitchen. I didn't say I'm referring 2 u ooo.

Just saying... you know. :-)

rayo said...

i thot i was d ultim8 kitchen klutz. lol

Nice Anon said...

Two wks later.. Are you alright?

Anonymous said...

COME AND UPDATE and stop being lazy my friend!