Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ladies and Gentumen I have a problem!

Eyin Piipooo mi!

Una come see me see wahala o!!!
I must be going bonkers these days!
I dnt know what I want to do with my life!!
I'm not learning anything in uni all I'm here to do is get good grades and get out!!
that was what I did in primary school and secondary school and I got out! with black knees and too many funny stories to tell my children!

University according to wikipedia is an institution of higher education and research, which grants academic degrees in a variety of subjects. A university provides both undergraduate education and postgraduate education

I'm not learning anything o!!

Ok so I'm going to get a degree then a 9 to 5 job!!

I'm really dreading going to sit down behind a desk from 9-5! I think its the waking up part I'm dreading the most!

I was on Onada's photoblog today Ladies and Gentumen she blew me away,like I felt the need to be a photographer!! I wanted to be in her shoes! I was sooo jealous, words really can't explain the way I feel when I saw all her photos! infact I was FLABBERWHELMED AND OVERGHASTED!

I want to be a photographer!nooo no those ones that would be telling you

Aunty I wanna snap you!

do you want a pezinaaaal foro??

Aunty dress this side,oya ttttooon dis way,

dazz a naizzze poze!

Oya toooon ya head dis side,yezz thazz naize

put ya hand hon your eeeps!

No no not that kind of photgrapher!

I want to be the one that would be like

Omg that was a great pose*snap*

U go girl*snap*

give it to me(get your minds out of the gutter!)*snap*

shey guys are getting what I'm saying???

I know I have to get my degree and alll but I would really really love to be a photographer!!!

OOOh another great photoblog I found was CapturedbyCarrie

Yes that is what I spend my time googling,not the babies but photoblogs, I want to take pictures of people's weddings,engagements and babies and children and nature and I could go on and on and on but I think I would stop here!

I google cameras, and how they work, I look at people's photoblogs and read all the comments and suggestions fellow photgrphers have to offer!

Should I go for it??
Should I stick to my major and then go to school of photgraphy?

some other photoblogs that I visit are
Jide Alakija

In case your intrested!

Is this just a fleeeting thought that I should just let go?????

Have a great week!

Ps I sound hella confused abi??
pps!Twinnnie sorry about sunday Chayoma was eating my house down!!!!!!hehehe


Lolia said...

What kind of camera do you have?

And omg I love Onada toooooo! And I want to be a photographer too but I must admit, it's not at the forefront of my mind like that, like that, I think of it more as a side hustle you know?

Oh and one more thing, what's your major?

Hope you have a fabulous week ahead :)

Lolia said...

p.s. If that's what you really want to do then I don't think you should let it go, it's not as if you won't have your degree so the world is your oyster really and who knows you could end up being really really good :)

Haha all these 9 to 5s...Not sure I can do that either...

Sassy Trends said...

Na which one you wan do self?...

NaijaBabe said...

Jide alakija is awesome. No harm in starting small you know.

juiceegal said...

Lol at dose razz naija photographers,infact who dash dem photographer sef,dats too posh 4 dem, dey call dem camera
Ok twinnie, i guess u shld just finish with uni den u cn pursue ur dream.
I love photography,but i prefer to be on the other side, u know the one strikin the sexy
PS:Apology accepted,lol at chayoma eatin ur house down

Sir Scribbles II said...

A degre doesn't always point you in the direction you shud go u know. 4rm wat I've read I think you have d passion for it so I say go for it...but after skool pls. At least just bag d degree first even if an akara dem dey teach you for class just get a certificate nd then u can fit to dey snap anyhow anywhere

chayoma said...

finish ur degree first,biko.i love Onada's blog, but graduate first, so if worst comes to worst, u still have something in the bag!
u can even start practicing ur photography skills now! i can be ur first subject :) (see how nice and generous i am?)

See as u dey paint me as some kain of eating machine......
i won't lie, i came to eat (after having a BBQ oh)
Maybe i do have a bottomless pit for a stomach, see wetin u don cause, eh Tinu...

yinkuslolo said...

i love photography too. i have a camera with my evertytime. but get the phali first oh and u can take over the world lera.

biko, whats the link for onada's blog? the one in ur post is not going thru

first time here.

Uzo said...

A good camera costs money oh. Would you want to take pictures full time?

Maiya said...

My dear
I feel you. I sometimes feel like education is a failed institution. I mean, we are just forced to memorize random pieces of information that do little for you in real life.

As a friend of mine eloquently put it "Education shouldn't be censored memorization but should be uncensored interaction". I hate that no one encourages you to do what you want. It’s always "Which job u go knack with that kain yeye degree".

I'm not saying fashi the degree I'm just saying finish the yeye degree so person no fit yan shishi then do what it is you really or what not.

Tinu said...

@Lolia its just a normal day to day camera
@Sassy trends I dint know o!
@Naijababe I would definatel give it a try
@twinnie u sall be one of my guine pigs!
@Chayoma FOOODIE AND I DNT KNOW WHERE THE FOOD GOES!!!maybe Ill take ur pic!hisss
@Yinkuslolo thanks for stopping by!
@Maiya very well said!Ok ill finish the degree!
thank u all sooo much!

BSNC said...

Like everybody says get the degree first then if you are still interested grab it with both hands.

Anonymous said...

I swear I feel on that school something...left to me, I know wan go again mehn...SHISH!!!

Anonymous said...

Get d degree as a backup girl...u know that lil smthing that'll make you independent, pay the bills...THEN buy you a camera I'll go for the Nikon Dseries...however your pocket reash.

Take pictures, take a bembele course...get snapping, develop a portfolio, put it online...

The greatest achievements are born out of Desire not necessarily ability.

SO there u 'ave it. My MYles Monroe moment for today will U go and do sometin!

Sulihp said...

I could be mistaken but i think ur my soul mate....doing uni and just busting out is my dream, i just dey read book make i pass. and i swear mehn, i wan work , but that waking up at 5am is looking like a very LOOOONNNGGG tin.
i support ur dream jo, finish school, and chase it, afterall, you can only get fulfillment from what makes you happy:)

Anonymous said...

lol...i love the photographs also nt learning an engineering major and a 4.0 student but still dnt know what that course is all about.lmao.i totally feel u on that.

Emilia said...

this was funny but at the same kind of got a message behind it quite nice way you got with words there