Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My first and last taste of 'Vanilla"!!!!

People I have giiiiist!

So Chayoma and I went to get for cheesecake,after I she told me there was a place near my house that sold cheesecake!

the cheesecake place was closed so we went to the mall to get cheesecake which tasted like shit!

oh well!

left the mall and took the bus home!

Got down on the road and there were a lot of cars passing, so this dude allowed me pass and I went my way!

A car stopped right by me and it was the same guy that allowed me cross he's white!!, he was like ur soo f*&^ing sexy, ur so beautiful, making me blush and me too mumu I was laughing!!!!how I wish my mother was there to slap the taste out of my mouth!!!

He asked if I had a boyfriend and if I was looking for a boyfriend I said no!he was like oh that can I give him my number and I was like cool and I gave it to him!!!Ok he was driving a nice car- a hummer!it looked nice on the inside o!!!!that was why I gave him m number!I sound like a girl that just came from the village, yes now all the black boys here that would be driving kabu kabu!!so this was just what I needed!!and he was reli cute with a naaize tatoo and akpobi -muscles!heheh

ok First of all I havent been in a relationship in forever and the last fling I had with a guy I got my heart cracked not broken cracked!!! so I just decided to give this a shot!!I would NEVER give a stranger my number but the things good weather does to common sense!!!!!chai!!


before Chayoma and I left home I was looking for my phone so when I got back home, I took down all my boxes and spent a good 2 hours looking for my phone which I found in my bag that I took out!!!!I'm such a scatterbrain!

Ok back to my story, the guy and I sha started texting!
went to bed and woke up and I had 4 texts waiting from the guy!
"we should met up at your place sexy yum!"yum lati bo?????yum from where!!!
so my roomate sent him a text and told him that It was very rude of him to say such and that I just met him, sha made small roommatedid all the texting cos the text he sent turned me off!

went to class and dude text me again!!

'hey hun I dnt think we should be talking cos I'm a nympho"

urban dictionary definition

Someone, that eats, breathes, & lives for sex

YES O!!! that was what he said!!I just said ok It was nice meeting you.

so that was my first and last encounter with"vanilla"

No more "vanilla" for me o!!

Disgusted Tinu



chayoma said...

so na when i leave you Mr Vanilla come make move?
See how Hummer don carry you, eh?
Dude wan taste chocolate.
If i was there, eh, i for finish am... He know say i fit smell his type from a mile!

juiceegal said...

Ha twinnie for where u see NYMPHO????
LWKM.......nawa o,why did u run
Dnt mind me jare,u sef u saw hummer and nice tattoo ur eye was poppin
Nawa o see as u dissed awon canada big bois,its nt fair o.
Its gud u dint meet up with mr nympho o,ur story wld have been a diff one.I see ur hookin up with chayoma,bcos im nt in canada abi,ok o.Chayoma move from my spot jo,im always first

BSNC said...

this one pass lol, its LWKM. what will hummer not causee. At least he told he was Ny.. what was the word again, ehen nympho before anything happened.

chayoma said...

FYI, i have taken over oh!
woowoowoo (clapping her hand over her mouth)
this na my territory, you can go somewhere else and claim first.
Tinu no tell u i be her e-godmother?
Tell them oh!!

Tinu self, this tattoo wey u see self, it get ur name on it? ehh? this one ur eye was poppin like balloon! abi na dollar sign wey u see... correct JJC! it takes one to know anoda.
my time don expire. make i give others room,make them yarn!
oya, GO.............

mizchif said...

Ah, after all d akpobi muscles, u still run! lol!!!

LWKM @ no more vanilla for you. Shey u wanted to diversify abi, u for try ursef.

Virgos Lounge said...

lmfao....what a freak!!

RocNaija said...


Person dey find work.. you come see the work.. talk say you no get power..

The things good weather and cheesecake do to a young woman..

Tinu said...

@chayoma be careful!!!!!
@twinnie i had to google the word,ehn!!!!I thank God for the prayers of my mother!!!its not a funny something o!!!
@bsnc it shall never happen to me again!!
@Mizchif i gatsta run ni o!!!!ehn!
@VirgosLOUNGE a real freak!
@Roc its not funny o!bt reli this is what alajeki does!

Nice Anon said...

What a HUGE turn off!

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha...Omygoodness Tinu! Tinu! Tinu! dont kill me with laughter o, so this is what u and chayoma are doing ehn? both of u should berra be careful lol..Mehn u guyz just brightened my day..U know who this is

Funms-the rebirth said...

wow!!!! run from people like that... at least he was upfront with it

sweetness said...

lol mr nympho
too bad 4 him

Kemberly said...

LAWL! But what did you think was going to come out of this? You should have seen the red flags from the very first text! Disgusting white boy! Lol!

RocNaija said...

Lol @ "alajeki"

Sassy Trends said...


You dey crack me up gurl..nice one!

ManCee said...

Vanilla in Hummer clothing

but fine girl...haba! you no rep naija there o...come let that boxy car knock you over...

Anonymous said...

lol!!tew funny!good for you sef!!na hummer dey entice you abi?

but tha guy take style weird..nympho sa!!

Buttercup said...

Hahahaha! Chai..