Sunday, May 31, 2009

Golden Jubilee

Hey Guys

No im not 50!obviously but this is my 50th post!well both published and unpublished!

This iss soo emotional first of all I want to thank the academy,my directors, my fellow colleagues Funke Akindele, Halle Berry, (my bestest friend) and soo on you guys have truly been an inspiration!

ok to cut the bull! I would tell you guys 50 more things about me

1)my middle name is actually Tinu -Atinuke

2)I just watched Ratatoulie and I loved it!

3)I want to start collecting disney movies for my kids little mermaid,beauty and the beast,pocahuntas,happy feet, ratatoulie,FINDING NEMO, sharktale,cinderella, peter pan and co!so that my kids and I sing and sing and sing till when they memorize the movie and start acting like them and it start pissing me off!cos I dnt like all these silly hanna montanna and ish!i see her everytime I go to walmart!tschewwwwwwwwww

4)I have planned my wedding to the T I have chosen my bridesmaids and all but all that is missing is the groom and the money to fund it!

5)I get tired of things easily!

6)I dnt know how to say no, I might tell someone no and then start to feel bad for saying no and then give in, my children are going to have a ball if I dnt start learning how to say no

5)NO!yep i said it there's progress!:)

6)I hate scary moies, my friends and I went to watch halloween and I left after that were of a boy killed the rat and then I went to watch Nanny diaries

7)I haven't watched a lot of movies, I havent watched 300,I havent watched stomp the yard,pretty woman, amongst others

8)I'm allergic to alot of things BULLSHIT, insects,dust,rats,cats,insecticide,airfreshners-drummer and co

9)I've been thinking of deleting my blog, nothing to write, my next post would be my 51st jubille if I dnt think of something to write

10) I love my parents- duh! abi? I talk about them everytime

11) Im the worst procastinator I know

12)I cry alot!If I got a quarter for evrry tear I've cried!Arab money!

13)I'm a very vulnerable person!things get to me alot and I kinda take things personally

14)still on number 14???

15)ahhhh fifteen!

16)my 18th birthday is the best birthday I have in a while!

17)the only person that can stand my crying is my mother!I cry everytime she leaves, at the airport!I dnt care o!she would now be like Tinu people would think we are lesbians!!tschewwww do u know how many people would want to cry bcos of them!hmmmmn




21)out of things to write

22)I want to travel to dubai for my 21st!

23)I want to learn how to cook soups eforiro,efoelegusi,ofensala,afiafere,edikiakong,ati be be lo

24)It took me a long time to realize that hey not everbody likes you!and not everybody likes you and if everybody likes you that means you MUST have a problem!

24)Anytime I watch a reality show I want to do something similar to what I watched!

Cake Boss- i want to own a bakery and learn how to design stuff with sugar

Wedded to perfection I want to be a wdding planner

I need help!

25)I'm almost there!

26)I love my friends to bits!and I hate sharing my friends with people!!ahn ahn friend swagger jackers!there are 6billion people in this world It really wont be hard to get ur OWN friend!!so leave my friends alone!thank you

27)I love music!!If i cant find my Ipod my heart starts racing o!!I cant live without it!!!I have an ipod deposit!yep moey set aside if my ipod ever gets lost!so far I have 20 dollars!

28) I hate flying! I knock myself out with alchol and I crash!If u put me on first or business classs i would lurrrve HIIIIT!nd lurrrve you too!

29)I hate dirty dishes!

30)If I dnt like you I would never pretend that I do!simple

31)Ihate it when people find something wrong with what won't put food on thier table!

32)I cant remember the last time I fell!cos when I was younger I was the type of child that fell every other day!I would have like an injury/wound on my knee and would fall down on that same wound!

33) I love fooood!makes me happpy ehn!

34)I hate injections!!if I was to be given one now!I would just start crying, and asking you if I cant swallow the liquid in the syringe cos its going to do that same work!and how God would bless you if you dnt give me this injection!!Lord help the person if it now hurts!

35)I love cake,chocolate,strawberry shortcake,everything cake!!!

36)I'm actually very shy in person pisses of my friends to bits!!but in blogsville im kind of a big mouth!!hehehe

37)I havent been clubbing in a year!My social life= non existent!

38)I look up to female members in my family alot!My mommie, my grandmas aunty Kemi, anuty Labisi Mona,Wand and FLo, they make me want to do be different and hardwork pays off and that you can work hard an play hard!

39)Loosing weight is hard o!!

40)Im graduating in 2years!was supposed to graduate in 2013!im not in med school or school of pharmacy its just business school!!!im eggggzziited!

41)I;m not enjoing university at all!!al I do is go to school, come to my room,thats it quite depressing abi??? I know o!!

42)I can be very razzzz!like Jenifa razzz!its fun I swear Im going to have a whole post where I talk like her!hope u'll be able to read it!

43)I miss my mama!!!!

44)Im sure this is the most boring 50 posts about me ou've read abi??Na so I see am too o!

45)I hate my teeth! I have that gap in between my two front teeth!its not that big like a drive thru but it drives me crazy, wore braces for a while after they took them off, mehn I could be a model for aquafresh!lost my retainers and now my teeth are almost back to where they where before I got the braces!well theyre not that bad cos before I got the braces somebody could use my upper jaw as rake!!kai!!!!!so when Im done uni I shall me getting my teeth done, filling all the necesary gaps!

46)I moving back to Nigeria immedaitely im dne with school!otutu o ni pa mi!!and I cant see myself living anywhere else!!I cant live in a country where you need clothing for every season!ki lo de!!

47) Getting my hair done is like therapy!I feel sooo good when Im doing my hair!!I dnt know if its the pulling of my hair strands!but my goodness it feels goood!

48)I love my brother!no matter how annoying he might be!

49) I need to build my confidence!I'm not soo confident im myself and its bringing me down

50) It was quite stressful getting here, but Im done!!I know I cheated but ahn my life is boring o!I cant even open my mouth to sing that song my life your entertainment, cos Lawwwdhamercy I'm boring!




chayoma said...

No be entertainment be dis?
am i on the list of bridesmaids oh! i wan do ashebi. abi na for dubai?
My word, we kinda similar..
me lurve music. i no talk am before? hate dirty dishes. scary movies scare the crap outta moi! after exorcism of emily way! let's just say i cldnt sleep till after 3 am....r u serious u havent seem SPARTA? oya, drag your two feet go watch am!
yum, i havent eaten that ofensala in awhile..
you need to see my childhood scars...mscheewww, i was the one that was always falling, me and my chicken legs...mscheewww!
Yea, injections are terrible, although i am beginning to endure it. just talk about crap, and whatever u do, DO NOT LOOK DOWN!
Carrot cake!!
yes oh! you get big mouth! u never jam shy person! Na me be Queen of all shyness!
Gaining weight is soo hard! make una no jump me oh! no matter wetin i eat, NOTHING! i am still this mini-me! mscheewww...
uni is worse than child labor i am pwetty sure....
how can u move bacl to 9ja? what happens to the Arab and my gold? i am still waiting for it oh!

by the way, am i first?

blogoratti said...

Congratulations on the 50th..
Be on the look out for the 100th.

juiceegal said...

Ha Tinu....O ni pa mi(u wnt kill
I hate uni criosly sucks
UR such a chicken....y r u so scared of injections,its nt that painful sef,me i hate taking medicine sha
My sister loosin weight is so hard and i laugh when i hear pple like chayoma say they want to gain weight...the irony of life sha.
my BULLSHIT tolerance level is
You cheated jo twinnie but i'l allow u cz we are twins ok.

BSNC said...

lol you cheated too muc, but you got there

congratulations on your 50th post and many more to come abi


there was some serious cheating going on here oh!

I hate injections too! yuck!

Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

Hey sweetie,

thanks for the mail.

congrats on your 50th post , na u dat! lol

Be confident my dear you are beautiful and wonderful in the eyes of God :-)

bob-ij said...

CONGRATS oh! when I'm 50 too...You people will see what I will Halle Berry?? Ok oh As for gap tooth..I think it's cool!

Tee said...

congrats oh. 50 and you just joined in march. We need to sit up o. Nice blog girl

Maiya said...


Couldn't read everything but I have a gap as well and the only reason I love it is cos my mum does...Did you like it better closed?