Thursday, May 28, 2009

Too Much of a Chicken!

Hey People

I haven't blogged in a while o!!!

howve u all been!!!

is it just me or is blogsville getting boring!Where is everybody, Kemberly,Solomonsydelle,Bcup and Chari, Bibi,Bsnc(ok she's back)and ooooh BIMBYLADS IS BACK!for those of you that dont know and she has baby!!!

Ok so, I was having this very random thought while having a shower, thats where I do all my thinking!

I know I've given you guys jist about how momsie dealt with my brother an I when we were younger so I was thinking of paying her back I love my mother and all but the thought of giving her a taste of her own medicine cracks me up!

Ok so I was thinking of telling her that I'm not coming to naij this christmas, and these would be my excuses!but I would still go I would just surprise her get my drift??

1) Im getting married to this Arab guy, and I shall send she and daddie (yes o he's included o!cos when she used to brush me he never said anything!) and email which would read

Dear Mommie and Daddie

I want you to know that I would not be coming to Lagos this christmas because I am now married . I am married to Abudulsalami something something. He was the one that helped me pass my math exam and he made me swear that if I passed my math and computer science that I would marry him, I know it was a very stupid thing to do but mommie desperate times calls for desperate measures, and I didnt want you to be disappointed in me. So now he and I are married,he is a wonderful guy and I love him and he loves me!and I'm 3 months pregnant!!

Don't worry mommie Ill will be okay, I would send you my baby's picture and I'm sure he would look so much like his daddie and I would also send you gold as Dubai is just a stone throw away!

Miss and love you loads

Tinu something something

PS Abdul says you must be great parents, because he's married to the perfect wife!

pps TO daddie, can you suggest a Rivers name for him!thank you, would you still continue paying my school fees!We would really appreciate this!

Ok My mother knows me very well and she know that nothing in this word can stop me from coming back home this Christmas not even the snow in Canada!

If my mother actually believed that I was married , militants in the Niger Delta would definitely shift base to look for me and slap the taste out of my mouth!!ehn the apple of my mother's eye and the princess of my village,yup I'm a princess and from now on you guys should refer to me as Princess Tinu, if not I shall not.... I think of what to do to all of you!hehe. My father would just delete the email and go and play golf!!tschewwwwwww!

or my second option was to tell her that I was going to be a monk in Tibet!!but she know me to well that I ChukwuTinuOluwafowosapomi (the Lord shall put money in my pocket!Amen o)shall not cut a strand of my thick,long black,strong and evrybody-wants-their-hair-and-their-daughter's-hair-to-be-like-my-own-hair hair!so newwwp!!

Ok let me be realistic I'm toooooo much of a chicken to do any of the stated above! and she won't even believe!So I just have to go to naij this Christmas!!excccited!!yes I know its 7months away!!my goodness this year is just going Usain Bolts on us o!!!!

your royal highnessy (abi how does the queen of England end her letters?)

Princess Tinu



juiceegal said...

Nawa 4 u o........where have u been???Twinnie u'v 4gotten about me abi i'm sad o *sob sob*
U dis silly child,beta dnt give ur parents a heart attack........married to an arab guy
If u wanna link,highlight the word u wanna link and then click on insert link(u wld find the insert link button amongst the options just near the button that says insert image),after clicking on it,just enter the web address u wanna link and ur done,hope this helps,im nt really good at explainin.

jhazmyn said...

Would have been a great one to pull, awww, the mischievious part of me is actually hoping u'd change ur mind and do it...plllsssss do iiiitttttt.

If i pull that on my mom, she's sure to start plans for a one week prayer and fasting session...Arab Ke!!!, she'd rather get hit down by a train i tell u

Sting said...

You should do the first option. now that would be funny!

BSNC said...

lol Princess Tinu okay oo.

lol funny letter, that is if they believe anything you say. lol your dad will delete the message, he knows you so well.

i hope i am still going to naija this year because right now i dunno okay o.

How is our royal highness doing today :)

blogoratti said...

Arab guy, Arab money. hehe!
I'm sure your folks wouldn't mind one bit.
Princess uhn? Nice!

chayoma said...

Nne, so you go MIA only to return with....
First of all might i add that the chicken( in the poster) would make a very tasty MARY BROWNS chicken.
Secondly, abi na gold attract you to werrin be his name self,Abudulsalami? see ya head, no be black gold full naija, discrimination i tell
See her claiming Princess...who dash monkey banana?
And the so called long hair...mscheewwww, na weave oh! the kain wey ciara put for her
Mne i am having a gag up in here.
Good to have you back!

chayoma said...

Oh by the way, yesterday na May 27th...
so Happy Belated Children's day.....
okuku m( my

mehn i am on fire today...make no one stand in my way

Tinu said...

@Juiceegal how can I forget u???lai lai thanks for explaining!I cant even do it!!I can try sha!
@jhnazmyn u want to kill my mother!!!she too would rather a train hit her o!!
@Sting i would o!
@Bsnc ur the only one that headed instructions I dnt even know why im replyig the others o!!im ok my dear!
@Blogaratti u read my mind!!!!
@Chayoma u love me too much abeg u would be a e-godmother o!

bob-ij said...

loool @ he made you promise...and desperate times. Your mum will cryyyyyyyy you've killed me!


chayoma said...

what benefits come with being your e-godmother?

as long as i get some of that gold...
my answer na YES!
we don't need anything official, just proclaim it in front of blogsville .that's all...
But my GOLD first oh!