Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hey People

thanks for all the messages on my last post I would definitely come round to going to all you blogs one by each!hehehe

Daddykins is in town!!!!chaaaaaaaaaai ok he's been around since Sunday and he's leaving on Saturday!!!;(

Mehhhhn you should have seen my smile when I went to get him from the airport!!as usual as wide as Canada!!!

Ive missed the guy o, he's just full of jokes I swear and just fun to be around!!!We've just been hanging out having fun, oooh and for passing my resits he took me and my friend out and bought me abottl of Red wine, seeee grooove!its was very naizzze as I was having that with some chicken a la carte!!(I can't remeber the name of the chicken I had, one funky name like this)

Ok so he is from Rivers and my mom is yoruba so he's always complaining about going to yoruba weddings and parties

"you are going to enjoy yourself and celebrate with people yet the would put you under hot canopy and you'll be chasing flies with your hands and be cleaning sweat from your face"LMAO!
(no offence to yoruba people o)but its true sha!

We were jisting about how well Fashola is doing and he was like that his friend's driver asked his friend if he could take time off work and the boss asked him why, and the driver was like that he wants to go pay his taxes, cos he is seeing what taxpayers money can do!!God bless Fashola!!

He pushes me to do things that I havent done before cos "He knows I can do it"

and there's always a reward!!

Always on my side when I have arguements with momsie!

He always makes me laugh!when I vex, he's like ahn Tinu your face looks soo beautiful when you bone!lol

I love you Daddie, cos you bring out the best in me and help me believe in myself, when I'm down!!thank you soo much for believing in me!!

I LOVE YOU Dadddie!




chayoma said...

i am first right
aww, Daddy`s girl. you make me wanna call my pops...
Daddies don`t just love their children every now and then, its a love without end!
I hope to remember that always.....

Lolia said...

Your Daddy is Rivers? Me toooooooooo! :)

bob-ij said...

2nd! Lol As wide as Canada.. have fun oh!


juiceegal said...

Ah twinnie..........our daddy is around......see familiarity
Ur enjoyin abi....i miss u sha.

BSNC said...

awwww that is cutee. Daddy's baby