Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm sooooooooo happppppy!

Ok I'm so sorry for not bloging this past weeek!!
O well I have a testimony,
MATHEMATICS and I aren't really friends and this has been a constant problem throughout my life in school
Ok there is this particular course in my uni Maths 1000 calculus, this is a course that people have taken 5 -6times and has even led people to change their majors!
So I did the course last semester and failed it, cried soooo much when got my result, christmas wasnt as good, ok lemme not lie, I had made up my mind that I wasnt goig to do well, which led to me having a failing grade going into the exam!17/40!
had to repeat the course again!
So I got made up m mind when I came back that nothing was going to distract me from passing this course, didnt go to any parties, didnt socialize with people et al!
Lo and Behold I failed AGAIN
I cant even say its the devil, cos he had nothing to do with it!or maybe he did!
I was sooooooo depresssed, had to do a supplementary exam, didnt study as hard as I should have and started studying last minute
Got my results today and I passed!!
I'm soooo frigging happy my smile is as wide as Canada!!!!!
I kinda felt very stupid for putting this up here but hey God definatley has time for small miracles dosent he?



Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you Chica! This is the beginning of a stress free academic semester for you.
Lol " my smile is as wide as Canada!

juiceegal said...

Awwwwwwwww congratulations so happy for u.

chayoma said...

This calls for celebration! oh!
To God be the glory!
smile as wide as Canada indeed!

Anonymous said...


Vera Ezimora said...

Congrats, babe!! Where the party dey? LOL @ 17/40. U fail sha!! Hahaha

BubblyBliss said...

Oh yay!!! I'm sooooooooo happy for you. Well done babes

Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

Well done lil sis proud of ya :-)

UnderCover07 said...

So happy for you! I hated math in high-school, failed it for waec, and then got into uni and I had to chnge my major cos of it and still tke a basic math course, and am glad it went well.

Congrats girlie...!!!