Sunday, September 27, 2009

My mommie the character!

You see I have a fery fery good reason for being away from blogsville(like any one is here these days)I forgot my password that it why i couldnt log in to blog and oh everybody's excuse TWIRRRRA!!!!and this thing people call SCHOOL!!!!
yes people that is the best thing since agege bread!!!I kid you not!!ask Sir Scribbles,MzEny,Juiceegal,Vera,Bumtight,Fumsdrebirth,Chari!!!!infact if ur looking for bloggers go there and you'll find all of them!!
I tell you I'm so addicted to twitter its terrible I can even get off my bed without tweeting!
ok enough of my twexperince on twitter!hehehe
So as you all momsie was here for a while -3weeks and of course it was soo much fun, we fought made up fought the usual mother daughter squabbles!
So on this particular day momsie decided to go shopping by herself without me cos I was sleeping,she was going to take the bus!
she waited at the bus stop and the bus left her, cos she didnt get in on time
she was soo angry, she now called me to vent!
she now said
mOMMIE:Tinu the bus just left me here o!and I have been under the bus shelter for 30mins
tINU:did u go near the bus?
mommie:tschewww so you have to go near the bus??iru ilu wo le leyi ?(what type of country is this)In my country conductors would physically beg you to enter their bus , and people would even curse the driver to move the bus!!and awon oshi fi mi le si bi(these foolish people left me)
tschewww Wo when I come next summer we are renting a car o!!I have a car and a driver waiting for me in my house in Lagos, gbo gbo pala pala yi to sun mi!
Just make tea for me before I get home Otutu mu!(cold is catching me)
I laughed soo hard that day!!!
When she was leaving I cried my eyes out!she was now like that ahn ahn Tinu stop crying before they think we are lesbians!!
I wuv my mommie!!!
Have a great week people!!!


Ms.O said...

loool@ stop crying they will think we are lesbians!!!..OMG!!! I just joined twitter yesty..sooooo LOST!

Anonymous said...


TWITTER WHORES!!! I will report y'all to blogger you will see!

LMAO!!! CHAI your mamma na character!!!

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

"stop crying before they think we are lebians"
*still trying to recover*
I can't believe you joined them
and CHARI!!!
no wahala...
have a good week also, dearie

Myne Whitman said...

This twitter sef. Your mum sounds like fun LOL

Anonymous said...


Mz. Eniola said...

loooooooll!!! ur mum nd my mum shud meet i see dem havn d best convo loool...she just reminded me of my mum loool! twitter is d ish doeee!! lol

Anonymous said...

lmao...that was funny.

chayoma said...

u n ur mom self...

honey91 said...

lmao!!!...awww i miss my mum too...
nd i refuse to join twitter....i have enough distractions mehn!

Zena said...

hall you twirra people berra bring your hasses back, so dats what you people hare doing abi?

lol, your mum sounds like sooo much dun " before they say we're lesbians" lol

Tinu said...

@Ms o thanks for stopping by thats how i felt the first time ul soon bcome a pro!!
@Chari pls dnt even talk!half a thousand tweets!and ur calling me a twhore????
@David she said soo!!join us there now!!
@Myne Whitman she is funnn!!loads of fun!
@taymee hehe thank u!
@MzEny they should!!
@leggy loool
@ chayoma me and my mommie are like 5 and 6!hehehe
@honey91!!join twitter jare!!kai im such a ba influence!
@Zena that his where thy hall hare o!!!!

Anonymous said...

lmao yes you are! and I even jus joined the TWIPOLICE ma sef! so I am comin for your butt!!!

Sassy Trends said...

awchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... pele omo mummy
tha was hilarious oo... send me ur link on twitter jare, let me even c werrin all of una dey enjoy for that twitter site..
been dre and not enjoying it at all..


The Girl with the Red Hair said...

rotfl @"stop crying before they think we are lesbians"

Your mum is doing yanga, she thinks she is Lagos, excepting them to come and beg her.
She sure is fun

yankeenaijababe said...

I can so relate to the yankee bus story, the driver's just sit and you have to come near the bus to let them know. Aww sweet mother, that's cute that you both do things together. I know how it feels, I miss my own mother so much. Hopefully you see her again, don't tear up or else I would start crying.

mizchif said...

LMAO! Your mum is a trip i swear.

BSNC said...

lol your mum is too too funny

GaGa said...

loooooooooool @ the lesbians ish,and aaaw at the mother daughter fights cz we wud b nofn wivout em