Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Taaanzgifing, what are you thankful for?

My wonderful awesome beautiful people,

Sorry for the break in transmission, been mad busy with school and exams are coming up in about two weeks, so i dnt think I would have time to put up Risikat part 2 till exams are over but definately after exams!

OOOOOOOH and if u havent heard about the new blogshow For the Love of Ray Ray head over to Fabulola's blog to get the juicy jist

And also in the spirit of thanksgiving * and also lack of nothing to blog about*I definately have a lot to be thankful for

1. For life, im very very guilty of taking it for granted, waking up, going to school and coming back everyday nobody jam my leg, notin fall on my head i dey kampe, 1o fingers 10 toes 2 hands 2 legs 1 head,2 eyes 1 mouth 1 nose 2 ears,everything is in tact Im thankful, nko nko o se mi(nothing do me) im soooo mush grateful, waking up every morning is not our right its a blessing!

2 For my family my parents my mother who is heaven sent dnt know what I would ever do without her, my brother who is such a man now driving and things I remember when we used to fight about who got the clean money and dirty money, and who had to sit in the front seat, looool my extended family dem dey too kampe infact all of dem full ground, even though they drive me nuts sometimes I'm soo grateful I have them

3. Im grateful for the fact that I have God (this should have been first o) that loves me and surprises me when I least expect I'm very very thankful, that he forgives me despite my MANY SHORTCOMINGS!

4 My blogville and tweetvilee family, I really dont know what I would do without you, I'm happy i eegal aka Alabama, Lolia, Bob Ij,Fabulola, Temite ,Bumight, Fumsdrebirth, Kemberly(finally found out who I was loooool),Mz Eny aka sharawama lomo, Real Niajbloke ,Nice Anon ,Original Mgbeke, Ms O,Solomonsydelle,,Chari, Bubbles ,Scribbles,Iphyigbogirl , my darling Chayoma,Taymee,Mis LNQ, Luchi, Taymee , Ray and his raysins too and Naijabloka ok this is starting to sound like that maltina even they used to do during christmas and children would come and say I want to wish my mommie my daddie my sistas and brodas of number 51 Abulegba a merry chrizmas and a happy new year, loooool but seriously I'm thankful that I know you all(if I ddint menshun your name no vex)

5. Im grateful for my friends, 9years been through soo much love you all

6.I dunno if i should be grateful to be in school, cos right now its killing me ok im thankful for school because all this work im doing I hard better be making mad ego later in life, I pray the same for you all

7. My darling niece Aaliyah she's sooooo gorgeous, cant wait to have my triplets yes it shall be okay if you all start praying for me ehn!taaaanz sooo much

These are just a handful of my blessings o, beacsue if i should hasuallay start to count my blessings it would be an epistle,

what are you thankful for?

Happy thanksgiving people,all the best in your exams if you have any God bless

A very grateful Tinu

P.s Risikat would be back soooonest!


Fabulo-la said...

Im grateful for you too hun

Miss Jadanex said...

I'm grateful that i got the opportunity to read this..too funny

chayoma said...

Crazy mocha!

Myne Whitman said...

happy thanksgiving to you too dearie, enjoy.

chinnyn said...

Ma cherry cherry, i dcided 2 come read ur blog so 4 dat, go n add ma name 2 dat thankful list joo, fashi dat ray n his raysins, ma name is nt raysin o.....hehe oya let me go read ur other posts joo.

Fragilelooks said...

be thankful for everything.

Ms.O said...

I am thankful for you too sweetie!1 without you guys, twitter would be boring.. #shoutout to the raysins!!!

juiceegal said...

I'm thankful for u too twinnie..even though u spelt my name You've become such a dear friend and i'm thankful for our friendship too.

Anonymous said...

Aww thankful for you make being on twitter fun :P

See as you luff me so, you wrote my name twice lol

Mz. Eniola said...

im grateful i met uu!! hee hee! LMAO!! see hw u exposed me now! shawarma! :( loool suliat!! lool! No turkey for me **tears**

Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

Awww I'm grateful for you too my darling :-)
Your a real cutey pie (now I know why Fabulola thought I was in my 30's I sound like one aunty hahaha)

tankojjetty said...

I really i'm grateful for you and your blog...

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

nice to know that you are at least
hope you had a good thanksgiving!

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