Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An Ode Wand and Flo

My family

My cousins

My sisters

I don't know exactly how we met

But hey u're in my lives and I'm glad you are

we've played with so many barbie dolls, had so many parties,

moved to so many houses

attended so many parties in Bola shadipe and in Ilupeju

had a dog called Lica and eaten so much gbegiri

and the numerous sleepovers

I remeber in Alaka when, one of our aunties used to force me to eat Amala!!!

I always dreaded aunty Olabisi not seeing my food finished

you both told me to close my eyes and finish it and before I knew it it was gone!

and when we always went to do our hair we always got the same style done

then my brother came along and well the love and attention I received was divided into 2!!!

Picking you up from fountain school

having the same lesson teachers, using all your old ugo c ugos and all your old notes

we've shared so much that I would never forget

Even though we are miles apart the love is still there

Even though I've made so many friends

I'll always love my Wand and Flo!

Happy birthday


Wande said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww my baby!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much!!! I love you loooooooads! Can't wait to see you xxxxxxxxxxx

Flo said...

Aww love you sooo much lady!!!

Can't believe you remember all that.... and thanks for this. I feel loved and appreciated, and I must let you know that you are cherished and special in our eyes too!


P.S. That Amala thing worked right? Close your eyes and down it! Hahaha!

mizchif said...

Awww, this is really sweet.
In my head now i can see a picture of Flo & Wand running onto the stage together dressed somewhat alike for their one day apart birthdays.

And the glow in the dark, rolling star toy thingie i got from one of their birthday packs.

Tinu said...
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Tinu said...

Mizchif i think i know the party that is even in your head!!!lol