Thursday, April 30, 2009

In a very lame attempt to change my major this is what I did!!

She opened her NYSC letter,and read that she had been posted to Jalingo, Taraba State
"Biko where the hell is that on the map of Nigeria?" She called her driver Pius, who was only 100% efficient when there was food in his stomach "Pius please put on the AC in the car we are going out"
Tonye is a recent graduate from Brown University, honours in Human Resource Management, she was everything a man wanted in a woman she could cook, was smart, respectful, God fearing, could pass as Kim K in a darker color.
Tonye went off to the NYSC office in Surulere, met some officers and bribed her way out of Jalingo, the officers there made her recharge their phones with credit, buy them "tailstte fry shicken', and "orobo pepsi", she also had to pay them for their "hard work".

Took them an hour to get back to the island because of the mad traffic from Lere to VI.
She worked in the Mobil Head Office, the tall building on Ozumba Mbadiwe.
After wading herself through the traffic, she wasn’t pleased when her boss told her there was a meeting and they were going to need files from the 11th floor. The last person she wanted to see that morning was her colleague Mr Abraham, he had just walked into the elevator , a colleague who constantly teased her wanting to marry her and take her to his village, she teased him about how thin he was and how she couldn't put on the ac or the fan when he came to her office so he won't fly away.That was where it stopped.Nothing more than colleagues.He got off on the 6th floor
5 floors left she thought to herself "this elevator is SO damn slow"

She hadn't spoken to her sweetheart Uche in a whole month, she missed him, she met him at a party a few months ago when she had just moved to Naij, he wasn't the best looking guy out there but he was a real sweetheart, he was 6 years older than her and wanted to settle down,he was someone who she could pour out her heart,a good friend a bit overprotective but aren't all men that way she thought
Of all the things in the world, Her wanting to go to grad school was the basis for a huge argument, he didn't want her to go 'cause his mother didn't go to university he didn't want her to challenge him, he even wanted her to stop working he wanted her to be a housewife he wanted her to be just like his mother.
After all the money her father paid and walking to school in the freezing cold he wanted her to be a housewife, God forbid well she wasn't going down without a fight,but nonetheless she still loved him.
He " was in like with her." He loved the fact that she was a virgin and said he was going to wait till their wedding night before they had sex, and she had almost the same qualities as his mother.
Getting to the 11th floor she could hear moaning, she thought she was hallucinating about her forthcoming sex with Uche on their wedding night , but it wasn't, this was real, she had heard this sound before, her roommate in university who always had sex! arrrggghhhh she cringed, hearing other people moan pissed her off!
She went about her business, got the files and decided to leave, but the spirit of amebo had engulfed her, she just had to know who these people were...........

Ok so I want to know how did I do??????
grade over me over 10!!!!
Should I really chnage my major!I enjoyed writing this or maybe its because I'm just frustrated!!!


chayoma said...


chayoma said...



chayoma said...

now send me my medals,after i read the post.

chayoma said...

i no fit function without food in my system too.. i dunno abt you.
But dearie, we get there sometimes in life, when it seems like the dreams we chase are just that, a DREAM! but some dreams are worth fighting for,besides dreaming never killed anyone, or has it?
It will come to you..Trust in the Lord.

Bibi said...

As a scriptwriter *clears throat* you did real good. Have a feeling that the thin elevator guy will bcome more than a friend. True?

juiceegal said...

My twinnie the writer......u did quite well u kno.....sha make sure u complete the story.....or

Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

I can conform Bibi is a very great scrip writer O! Just finished reading something this morning it was great!

Hun you did very well (round of appluase) I just realised that most Nigerians are good writers apart form myself ...I promised myself I will try and improve my writing skills ....may even take a mini course ooo lol

well done once again hun ...I like this story ...pls finish it off

RocNaija said...

I like...
Hmm.. Looks like I'll be stalking your blog for the sequel..

Tinu said...

OMG all of u have given me hope!im not soo stupid im good at somethng apart from shopping and eating!Jesus is on the throne!
@Chayoma Amen o!
@Bibi u just have to wait!
@Missflyhigh welcome back o!thank u!
@Rocnaija i actually wanted u to read this since ur the master of things like this!
thank u!!
thank u all soo much!sequel is coming soon!


okay, I want the update...oya, sharp...

Rose said...

Where are you Missy!
Would you come here sharpish and update...
What do you mean you have stuff to do??
Interesting attempt...You did really Good...
Did she find Uche there??

blogoratti said...

Nice one!

juiceegal said...

Twinnie mi where are u now??..cme nd finish ur story
Send me an email

Chi-Chi said...

To tell the truth
. I actually enjoyed it

cool stuff!