Friday, April 17, 2009

And I turned 20!

this is me 20yrs ago!

Hey People
Thanks sooo much for commenting on my last posts!Exams are stressing me out so I really don't have time to reply nor comment on your blogs but I will as soon as exams are done!
Twenty years ago Mama Tinu was in Lagoon Hospital Marina trying to get Tinu out, Papa Tinu was nowhere in sight, infact the nurses thought that man who brought my mother to the hospital was my daddie, alas he was the driver.Papa Tinu's excuse for not being at the hospital where I was born ''so that you would no drink garri for the rest of you life" he was at a business meeting!! ,fortunately for of him, the business meeting went well and I drink garri once in a while!!
My birthday, has started off wonderfully, messages and fone calls fb messages even from the boy that cracked(not broke) my heart,I thank God for letting me see another year, and by His grace I would see many more,for giving me the best family and friends and the most wonderful blogsville family a girl could ask for!And happy birthday to my darling cousin Mona LOVE AND MISS YOU LOADS!hope u all enjoy the video and it brings back a lot of memories Happy birthday in advance and in arrears to all the bloggers born in April!

PS hope u enjoyed the video and it brought back memories!!




Bibi said...

HAPPY BUFFDAY! welcome to the twenties. Enjoy your life while you're young o! lol. (just something the guy who used to sell beans pie by our house used to say) have fun girle.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday lovely...have a greatday altho im talkin to u on the fone nw sha...looove yooouuuuuu! Tico

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!..Gosh that song is toooo jokes though..*memories*

Tony said...

Happy birthday(s) and welcome to the wonderful wide world of bloggers!

juiceegal said...

Happy birthday.ok 4 ur present i'm officially makin u my blog
Newaiz happy bday u finally turned i'm stil scared of turnin 20 hopefully u'l tel me wt it feels lyk nd den i wnt b scared, hpe u have a gud

mizchif said...


Hope your exams are going great.

The video does bring back memories. You only had to hear that song to know there was a parry going on somwhere and you were at home being miserable!
I almost cried the day i found it on youtube, cuz i never even knew it had a video.

Buttercup said...

happy birthday, hon! i wish u many more fab years!

i cant view the video, my lappy is messed up :(

enjoy ur day, sweets!

bob-ij said...

HaPpY BiRtHdAy!

I'm 20 this year too!


Ife said...

happy birthday for the third

MEHN dt video brings bac memories.....oh lawddd!!!

Chi-Chi said...

WOW you were born in Lagoon Hospital stuff
please expose yourself to me lol
the baby pic wouldn't help hehe
that's my hospital MEHN lol
and i don't know anyone that goes there : (

Happy Birthday girl ..argh at this time of exams eya pele o

Ah, that video ..i looked for it for my friend ehen . I noe find lol

love it

have fun God bless and many more blessings to come your way!!

P.s where is my blog on ur list? lol..and Join twitter :p
all d best in exams

Kemberly said...

Happy Belated Birthday hun!

Penelope said...

awwww....happy 20th!

Anonymous said...

that song...memories!!! it!!

Anonymous said...

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