Wednesday, April 8, 2009

School shoes and other stories

Hey people
I really do apologize for not replying all the comments on my previous posts!!been mad busy with school!!!

Bata mi a dun ko ko ka

Tin ba kawe mi bata mi a dun ko ko ka

I hope you all remember that song?

So I want my bata to do ko ko ka o!!Infact talking about shoes!

Momsie used to punish me with them o!!! my brother and I got school shoes every school year, this time she made me only me o!repeat the same school shoe and school bag!kai

and everybody was rocking their mudd shoes and spice girls school bag and pencil case!I then decided to spoil the shoe,I even gave it to my brother to practice his football skill, at least when he becomes a footballer he has me to thank!!!hehe

The shoe finally got spoilt, she made me wear it for a week!then she sent me and one lady for her office to buy me new schools from TJ !!!okay okay TEJUOSO!!don't be looking at me with small eye o!If you had seen the shoe ehn!They looked like Christian louboutins for kids!!

Ok Is it me or did those IBO BOYS! that sold stuff in Tejuosho always want you to buy something!!!

You might just hear,

"Aunty , Aunty I have yaa saize!!"
"Bebeh this shoe was made for you, when you shoook it with some naize denim co (jeans)hmmn eazi o"
and this shoe is sooo damn tight!
"Aunty make I just run go awa store go check for anoda one, no go o!"
"No worry as you go dey wear the shoe e go dey ezpand"
Then if you try on the real size that they bought
all the other Ibo boys that have stores around
"hmmn omalicha",
"Bebeh as you dey so I just wan marry you"
"this shoe was made for you Aunty"
Just tell them that your feeling hot,
they can even take off their shirts to fan you!!!now that is customer service, not all these awon iran nu telling me that their store is about to close!!!and I would have to excuse them till tomorrow!!tschewwww

"Nne my tings are from Emelika come shek iriout!!!!"
then if you don't buy anything from them , the insults you would receive ehn!
"See as the girl wowoh abeg comot joh, seee ha skeeeet sef,monkeh!"
See how I went from singing nursery rhymes, to school schools to Tej, then to Ibo boys!

Ok I'm not going to be blogging regularly cos I have exams coming up!but I'll definitely be checking in on all you wonderful bloggers!
Best of luck to all of you that have exams!!!


blogoratti said...

Seriously,you are cracking me up,lol.
Wish you all the best in your exams!!

izzie y said...

pure jokes mehn!


lol! you are too funny!


Remember that from the market? =)

mizchif said...

I miss TEJUOSHO mehn! Original customer service,plus free laughs, not all these yeye oyibo ppl that will ask you to excuse then when it's time for them to go lunch!

All the best in your exams!

Tinu said...

@blogaratti thank u
@Solomonsydelle TAHNK U!! how could i have foegotten customahs!
@Mizchif I miss it too o!!thank u!

juiceegal said...

LOL.......gosh i rememba tej o...dose igbo bois wld so pull u ehn??? i bought my skul shoes dere once too cz i dint travel dat summer nd i ws so ashamed i thot i wld see one of my classmates drivin by...........ur so funny sha dis babe
goodluck wit ur xams nd gudluck 2 me too

bumight said...

lol, this reminds me of afrobabe's post on school shoes!

bob-ij said...


Tinu I will forgive you for dissing ibo people just this once... Only because it is so true ah ah!...they'll always pulling your hand calm down. Lol @ Mudd shoes...My mum always greased e with the big bags now I spoil my little sister with Hannah Montana and


BSNC said...

lol really are funny.. good luck with your exams..

Original Mgbeke said...

LMAOOO. Too too funny, I remember those market runs for sure! All those aba boys that will be trying to sell stuff.
You hit the nail on the head well well. :-D

Tinu said...

@Juieegirl thanks hun
@Bob-ij dissing Ibo people ke??i even want to learn ibo sef!kedu??
@Bsnc thank u
@Origianl Mbeke thank u!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaahahahaa...but Tinu Y??..lmaoooooo
LB's..lmaoo TJ..lmao..Monkehh..
hooo...made my morning..!!!

Anonymous said...

lol at those igbo boys, the first time I went there and I was feeling like one butty, they insulted the life outta the blog btw!

Buttercup said...

hehehehhehehehe! poor u!

kai, tejuosho used to freak me out so bad..those men ehn..jeez..

all the best in ur exams!

ijaw girl said...

omg!this is such a familiar situation.LMAO
goodluck with your exams.

Mrs No Soul said...

hey, thanks for dropping by my blog!!
all the best in your exams!!

Enkay said...

If there's anyone that misses the old TJ Market, it's me! I don't know why but I just always felt at home shopping there.

All the best in your exams dearie.
thanks for your lovely wishes on my birthday.

Anonymous said...

loool..this is soo true in soo many girl can say she hasnt been to Tejuoso and wasnt harrassed by ibo bois... "baby come nw, ur size is here".. who told them that?? lool

love the blog btw...keep it up!
all the best in ur exams!