Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Aaaaarrrgggghhh, Career Search and other stories

I'm sooo mad right now,

Got my results today and I have to resit 2 exams!

I swear sometimes I think I'm just not supposed to be in uni

I'm supposed to be back in corona nursery with Miss Tokolo and Miss Bamgboye in Nursery 1 red coloring, having naps, preparing for valentine concert, playing with sand, and not caring about anything!

Oh well I'm here and I have to deal with it!

2exams to read for in 2weeks!not cool!!!and then immediately after the 2 exams then I start classes 2courses in 6weeks!!

Na who send me come school sef??

If I say I want to be an actress- odikwa risky cos I'm too shy

muscian- Lets leave that one!I can sing!well Mama Tinu forced me to join the choir and the choirmaster put me in Soprano!(I'll think about music)

Rapper- I can hip hopnize blah blah baah sheep and Humpty dumpty??

Nurse- I would cry if I was supposed to give people shots!scared of blood!and then I have to be wicked like some Nigerian nurses that use ur nyash and Injection to play dart!!God forbid!

Infact lemme even Jist una about my experiences with Nigerian Nurses

hmmmmn una too like jist sef!

Ok so when I was younger I had really bad asthma and I was a regular at the hospital!

Nurse:NO neublizer(asthma machine that gives oxygen, cant expalin further but sha u get) today o, we have to give you an injection

Tinu:*starts jumping to prove she's healthy* Im feeling better now ma, there's no need mommie lets go home o!I haven't done my assignment and I have a test tomoro!Oya Mr Adeleke e lo gbe moto wa je ma lo le(Mr adeleke(driver go and bring the car so we can go home )

Nurse;My freeeen would u pull down ur trozziz?

Tinu;*starts crying* I'm ok, I would never ever put on the ac again, no more cold water for me !please ma, im sorry

Momsie:Oya lets count from one to hundred and it would be over

Nurse:Pls I dnt have time o!!!(its 3am in the morning)tschewwwwww

to cut the story short I ran all round that hospital, and they had to call security to hold me!!!4 of them!I was/am very strong o!! I screamed the hospital down, and told the nurse and security how I was going to report them to my daddie!

the woman she threw the injection into my bum!and I felt better but it was swollen!t

then home to Momsie's remedy for swollen bums to rub with ice!It even hurt more than the injection sef!!

back to me looking for a career , gosh I deviate too much good or bad??
Doctor-school too much school infact and then I have to have ugly handwriting(was it me or Nigerian doctors have NASTY handwriting??)i knew I was getting injection when they wrote on yellow paper,and the tears would start from there

O well off to study(yuck) won't b here for a while!might drop by some blogs tho!

Unhappy Tinu


juiceegal said...


juiceegal said...

Twinnie u wnt kill me wit al dese ur hillarious
So u dey fear injection abi
Nd babe dnt wori bout ur wld be

mizchif said...

Pele love. Hopefullythe resit(s) shouldn't be too bad. Academia is a bitch sometimes, i'm sure we've all had our moments when we just want to quit and marry a rich!
Hang in there.

I can so picture you as one of those screaming children i have to put up with at the hospital, i actively avoid them sef.

Anonymous said...

Aww I like the way you cheer yourself up! Like I told u, its is well and u can do all things through Christ who strengthens you k?..See

Bibi said...

Lmao. So what is your major? Honesty I don't think any course is easy. As for the injection, my grandma was a matron at the general hospital so I had to deal wit injections as soon as I sneeze. Cos they said I had "asthmatic tendecies". So, coming from an experienced injection taker, you are a wimp in that aspect. lol.

Tinu said...

@Juiceegal ur are first!!!Yes o im scared of injections and still am!I just start crying!!
I hope soo too thanks!
@Mizchif I've been praying for that rich husband!thank u!!children like us brought entertainment!!I actually run away from kids like that as well!!hehe
@Anon thank u!!!
@Bibi Business o, math and comp
sci are just messing with me! call me what u want!I just dnt like injections period!and I still dnt!

BubblyBliss said...

Aaaw Tinu don't be unhappy...I know having 2 resits is such a bummer but I'm sure things will pick up. To be fair you've already read those courses (or haven't you?!...hmm) so u just need to review and maybe restructure your answer...yes this is what a professor told my friend when she had a resit.

I don't have to write exams but I have deadlines every week till the end of may... mchew!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry...It is well with you. Those who put their trust in God will not be put to shame...I start finals in about a week so its crunch time for me too...all the best...
P.S. are u in jand?

chayoma said...

aww my love. i never check mine.
but seriously, u dey fear injection!lol. i now know your weakness...
study oh! Jesus shall take the wheel!

bob-ij said...

Sorry oh!...You will do better trust. Don't mind these exams that want prove will pass..AMEN! for that Nurse picture...ROTFLMAO...That's just mean.

Good luck studying B!


Tinu said...

@thank u Bubblybliss I would try
@Anon thank u
@Chayome go and check your own
@Bob ij thank u as for the pic i think its true!

Chi-Chi said...

awwww you went to corona primary

i went to the secondary!