Friday, July 31, 2009

The games we played!!!

Hey People
I'm soo sorry i havent updated in such a while
my summer has been going soo well!!!Im having a blast volunteering partying, enjoying the weather, so Im just enjoying myself before I go back,kai Im dreading going back to school everytime I'm on that plane back I cry from when we take off to when we land!I kid you not!!!and I know I;m going to cry on my way back in september :(

Ok enough of my crying stories!!

So today I was on the bus, and I noticed this little girl and her mom playing a game it was soooo cute
They were both singing "A sailor went to see see see to see what he coulde see see see and all that he could see see see was the bottom of the rainbow see see see
And it just reminded me of all those gameS I used to play in my Corona uniform during break time under the hot sun!

yes I shall take you all down memory lane on that games we all played when we were much younger

If you were born in January stand up stand up,Ari ya riya roses God bless you!

My mother told me that she would buy me another dolli if I was good good good( i dnt know the rest!)

New money E don come I by garri ten kobo I give mary to cook am mary cook am e no sweet

I beat mary she no cry I kill mary she no die

which kin mary be dis one
amina amina toro a lazy girl
eno emmanuel

yaga rogo yaga rogo sumpepe

ogere sam sam sam sam sam

change ur style , snother one , be like that ble like that!!

My name ,my name my name pangolokoshi
my name is Tinu pankolokoshi

I come from Rivers


I want to choose a friend

pankolokoshiher name is NiceAnon

pankolokoshishe comes from Emelika


Ten ten

Twenty twenty twenty tweeeeh twegeh

thirty thirty theeeh ntegeh

forty forty forrrrr mmmfogo

fifty fifty fift fiiiiifiih

sixty sixty seeeeseeegi

seventy seventy seeeeeventy

Eighty eiighty eeeeeeeghhhty

ninety ninety naaaayentey

honda, temi, tiwo,soko,waya,erepalowa erapalowa!

Oh and do u guys remeber playing police and thief!!!!hahahah

and stuck in the mud

and catcher and then to determine who was going to be the catcher

ini mi myni mo

father had a donkey,donkey died father cried

that means u are out of the game!

and the almighty Tinko, I can go to twenty with this one!!!too madd!!!


My upcoming posts would be on the things we said and did!

One of the famous lies somebody said!!

"MY father just finished his new house, it is the biggest duplex in port-harcourt and it has remote control""It has WHAT!?!""Remote control. When you press it, the downstairs would go upstairs and the upstairs would come downstairs"

the most famous insult

U mess u mess all the fish in the sea say Are we SAAAAAAAAAAAAAFE???

Have a fab week people!!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Sweet Stew and other stories!

Hey People
Im soo angry at myself
So i decided to be a good samaritan and cook stew for my friend
blended the tomato and tatashe and all the other ish
boiled chicken and meat
it ws looking good if I do say so myself
then time to put the spices!
KNORR went in,pepper went in,curry and thyme flew in as well
so waiting for it to boil
and oh "salt" went in as well
ahn ahn something is missing in this stew poured more "salt" in
my friend to went to taste and she said something was missing so more "salt"
the stew was tasting sweet!!!!!
so i decided to taste the "salt" I was putting in and found out it was sugar!
wait o
the sugar was beside pepper now and all the other condiments that flew in!!!
Imagine if my mother was here!
First she would slap the taste out of my mouth and then slap the black out of me
and then make sure I finish the stew I made!it would be my food for the week!
eat it with rice, with anthing she can think of cos If i ever throw her food away!
hmmmmn I dnt know who would beg for me o!
Have I told you about the time I threw her food away?
So I hated eba when I was younger, and that day I told Aunty Imabong that I wasn't going to eat!
so momsie came back and Aunty Imabong told her that I didnt eat my eba!
trust her she told Imabong to bring out the eba, which by now was as hard as a rock!with cold okro!!!!!
oh well back to the story
so she went into her room and then I threw it in the bin, OMG!
Slaps,came from the left and right,then she spoke in yoruba how some children dont have food, and then she proceeded to tell me that I should eat the food from the bin!yes o and she meant it!!!and there was other ish inside!
sha sha the plumber begged for me and I didnt eat it! then I went to bed without food!
yes o my mother was gangsta!
Sha sha my friend saved her stew she put ugu leaves and crayfish!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A birthday,an Anniversary and lotta stories in between!

Hey People,

So today is my bestest friends birthday she's 20!!

Ive known her for 9yrs and the way we met was really funny

First week of school when we were all still getting to know each other I dnt know the spirit that entered me but I went to report her to a teacher that she wasn't talking to me and that she was snobbing me and the teacher made her apologize and told her to be my friend and we've been the closest friends ever since. Looking at our pictures from way back she has definately grown into a beautiful young woman! In Js1 she wore glasses that had this blue tint,hehe she had pimples,and wore braces thinking back I dunno why I wanted somebody who looked like this to be my friend but God works in mysterious ways but now she's a little teeny weeny bit finer that me ok let me be fair she's alot finer than me! We've spent children's day in Ikoyi Club, Ive fapped her stuff which constitutes a small fraction of my wadrobe, I walk into her house likes its my own house,I can talk to her about anything and evrything!she's actually the sister that I never had and would always have

So to my Edo muffin I know I haven't been the perfect friend thanks for being there for me, and thanks for keeping up with my bulls*&t and ish and my tears and thank you for your advice,and just for being the heaven sent angel that you are

may the good Lord continue to bless and guide you in all that you do, and may everything you put your heart and hands to be a success in Jesus Name, in case your wondering I'm a prayer warrior!

Ok today is my also parents' wedding anniversary theyve been married for 21 years!!

Ok 9th of July 1988,Mama Tinu woke up and immediatley she put her two left legs on the floor she felt water ahn ahan she woke her maid of honor up and they turned on the lights ,LO AND BEHOLD THEIR ROOM WAS FLOODED AND so was the whole house

Ok i dunno what happend but they go ready for church in the midst of the flood!I saw the pics now!ehen

yeah so they go to the church and they saw it was even more flooded(pardon me im not in school at the moment so I can shell)yes o the church was more flooded and there was no way my mother or anybody else could enter the church

Thank God my father and all hs village peeps who are from Okrika Port Harcourt so trust them, they took hold of the situation mounted benches on top of each other so people could enter the church!ooh and my grandma fell into the water!!!LMAO!!

I'm sure your wondering how my mother entered the church Uncle Donatus carried her in her wedding dress into the church, and they got married

Ofcourse there were many jokes about this wedding

How my dad brought the whole village including the water to Lagos to marry my momsie

and some people used Canoe to go outside and inside the church!heheh

I wasn't at the wedding o, I was chilling somewhere before baba God asked me to go and join them!The next year I was born and 3 yrs later my yamheaded brother was born!finito

Well I do thank God for putting my parents together even though they can be like fire and izze cold warra they've stuck it out in sickness and in health for richer and for poorer, I can't remeber the rest , trust me it hasn't been happily ever after, seen both their fathers die,nursed me to health when I was really sick,dealt with drunk drivers, and bad househelps (another story)and other ish and I hope God would continue to bless them as they continue their lives together!
So to the most wonderful daddie and mommie in this universe happy anniversary!!

have a great weekend people
Ps Mona is back with a BANG check out her "new" blog "What's on Nigeria" gives you the latest details about events, The Arts, Careers, Show Biz, ,Parties,Reality TV and Serious Business!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Igbo people I give una hand!

Igbo kwenu
Kwenu Ezu
Hi People
Today is a day I would never forget in a long time
First of all Ibo people I give una hand!!!!
I tasted nkwobi and isi ewu today
my first time tasting both
at first I was scared cos I don't like vegetables and I'm a fried or jollof rice with dodo,moin moin and meat thank you kinda person
ooh and for starters I had goat meat peppersoup!!!
I hope your mouths are watering
The Nkwobi was spaiiizyy according to the waitress, it was in like this traditional bowl,kai I was too damn hungry to take a picture,because chewing gum was my breakfast and lunch,so infact all the worms in my stomach were cursing me and I had to act fast before they started cursing my parents so I took the first spoon!!
which was HEEEEEEEEEAAAVEN, it was reli spaaaizzzy as in the pepper,but mehn I just had to form even though steam was coming out of my ears and my nose was running!!it was too much o!!

ehen back to the nkwobi,it was GOOOD i said that alread abi
ooh I even had dodo sef,
I actually combined the plantain and nkwobi and it came out really well
Ok time to tell you about the isi ewu
Yes I know I'm a real alajeki, eat until you faint but when next would I see this kind of tin!!
so yeah the isi ewu wasnt as spaiizzzy as nkwobi
so I dealt with that one too
mind you there were other people on the table that were sharing the food with me
so I'm really not that bad of an alajeki
then I washed it down with a nice cold bottle of izzzee warrra!!
I have to learn how to make this thing o!!!
I can make stew,jollof rice,fried rice,white rice, I can boil water(a necessity in households mind you),yam fry plantain and I can bake cake!
so I have to add nkwobi and isi ewu to my list
and also eforiro,efoelegusi,okoro,ogbono,afiafere and all those other things
Ok I won't ask why women have to know how to cook all these things
but why do we have to???
Can't we be like the oyinbos and know how to microwave or make
hamburger helper,lasagna,pizza pockets and co
I swear there would be no more fighting in the african household!!
there's even a yoruba movie that I watched, and the morale of the story was that women have to know how to cook and take care of their husbands and my mother sent it to me!
Oh well, right now if I was in a pool I would probably sink, yes sink!!!I'm that full!!
Ok im getting tired, I'm still thinking of that nkwobi o!!
ok then Kachifo (im trying o)

PS the girls of the Kokomansion should be called razzolletts!

Friday, July 3, 2009

My knight in shining armor

It seems as if I haven't blogged in forever!
well to be honest I haven't had anything to talk about,ooh yeah I passed my exams!!!phewwwwww!thank u all!!
ooh I forgot to say Hi!, well Hi,
hope ur all good!
kai these artificial nails i went to put on my hand are gettting stuck in the keyboard!tschewww im enjoying them sha!!
OH I've left that village where my school is and I'm in ontario!fine boys everywhere,on the bus, on the road,as in fine black boys!!my Garrrd, yes o I havent seen fine black boys in 6 months!!!after my encounter with Vanilla I definately do need some SHOKORATE!!!(chocolate)
Mehhhhn my brother is growing up o!
He just finished secondary school, I'm sooo proud of him,they a leavers ball and you should have seen my yamhead(brother)looking like a somebody!!I fear o and I started thinking
is this the same boy who when he was 2 and my mom was trying to change him he sprayed pee into her mouth????obviously by mistake and he was laffing like a hyena!hehe
is this the same boy that used to scream like a girl?
is this the same boy that I hid mommie's canes with behind the freezer?
is this the same boy that used to win dancing competition at parties?and was crazy about being like Usher,Genuwine Micheal Jackson(RIP) and anybody else that used to dance like crazy??
is this the same boy that bowed and courtseyd at the same time during a corona valentine concert??it was funny o!
is this the same boy that taught me how to ride a bicycle?
oooh tooo many memories with this boy!!
well people in those pictures he was looking like a MAN!!gosh my baby brother is growing up!
ehen o jare!!!he had earrings in his ear(duh) and his hair had friction(is that how to say it)!!and he was wearing this grey suit with his tie well done and his shirt tucked in!!
I could believe mine eyes!!this was the boy that for 3years in Whitesands school I helped him knot his tie every morning!!and teachers called my mom about his constant untidiness!!!!

A few months ago he asked my parents to increase his pocket money why?because he had a girlfriend at the time!and he had to be bying her stuff!
Oooh and another time he sent my mom a text and he was like that she should pray for him, she was worried so she called him back, and he told her that there was this girl that he liked but she didn't like him so she should tell God to give him a change of heart???so that she can like him!!!
and then the kwensions started "Tinu where is you boyfriend"like as if there is a store where black,tall,handsome,educated,between the ages of 22-27,God fearing,fluent in english,doing his masters,no baby mama drama,with plenty money and soo on are sold?
pls if u know where I can get this fantastic package are sold,CALLL ME O!!!!or send me an email !!!or better still leave ur email addresses in the comment box!!Thanks and God bless 1,000 fold in advance!!
Well I;m happy my brother is growing up, bt kai is too soon now!!!
I'm vey happy and proud of him, and I pray that God would continue to guide and protect him in evrything he does, and the God would drive any golddigging woman that would want to come and finish his money when he grows up in Jesus Name!!!AMEEEN!!!
Oh and Mama Tinu called we spoke for about 30mins and then she sent me a text, I cant sleep want to chat on facebook???and that I should help her upload a pic!!
Mike Zuckerberg biko there should be age restriction on facebook now!dnt u think people are wasting ur time,taking up ur cyberspace, that they check once in four months!

have a great weekend people!
pls recommend shows that I can watch and books that I can read, pls o these books should'nt be the ones that I would need to have a dictionary beside me to enjoy them o!!